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When it comes to borrowing money for personal reasons, we can sometimes think about traditional ways of doing things.  It might be going into a big bank, using a credit card that is already close to maxing out, or asking a relative. Each one might suit our needs, and each one also comes with some challenges.  For example, the paperwork process for credit cards can be long, and it's a loan that seems like it never ends. Borrowing money from your partner’s Dad, on the other hand, is going to come with an interest rate AND judgy looks at the dinner table for the next umpteen years.  Nevermind when he learns that the money was to buy your best mate a fancy wedding present.

Before we make any decisions, we might want to understand what a personal loan is, and why choosing to do personal loans online in Australia is a great option.


What is a Personal Loan? 

The term personal loan represents a whole range of different types of loans and financial products, but how do you know what type of personal loan is ideal for you? – there are so many different types of cash loan these days! What the loan is supposed to be purchasing or doing for you: eg. a car, holiday, personal expenses etc.. will largely determine what kind of personal loan you should look for and who from. Need $40k for a new car? Maybe start by talking to your bank, but need $500 for an unexpected bill? Ferratum Australia could help you. There are also many different factors that go into determining the cost of the personal loan that is offered and your particular loan terms so this is really a case by case situation.


At Ferratum we offer small, short term personal loans online  to customers all over the world, including Australia. 

Our loans in Australia are designed to help people in the short term until they can get back on their feet and have access to cash once again. There are so many situations where a small personal loan like this might get used by a customer like:

  • Car repairs, servicing, maintenance or upkeep (think new tyres etc..)
  • Unexpected bills
  • School fees
  • Medical Expenses
  • Vet expenses
  • You just need a little extra cash

The list goes on and on, but at the end of the day, there are any number of reasons that a fast personal loan could come in handy for you. 

Traditional personal loans from the large banks are generally not fast or flexible enough to help in situations like these, where the cash is required on very short notice and speed is the highest priority. In addition to this, there are many people who simply are not able to access personal loans from a bank for various reasons.  Location  and trying to coordinate a trip to the bank during working hours are two of those reasons.


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Main 6 things which make Ferratum personal loan online a good choice for Australians?


1. Speed: Applications are 100% online and can be done right from your mobile phone or tablet in as little as a few minutes of your time. Because time matters, we wanted to make sure the process for personal loans online is easy.

Here’s exactly how easy it is:

  • You just need to visit the Ferratum website, select your required loan amount and repayment time frame.
  • Use the simple online form, and fill in a few details. 
  • Once you’ve applied you will receive a credit decision in minutes and 
  • if approved, could have your cash paid out to you within the hour*

2. It’s Easy! When you apply for a Ferratum personal loan it's 100% online and requires nothing more than a few minutes of your time. Because we care about our customers, the process is even faster and easier for people who have used us before. Existing customers can log in with their email and PIN number then re-apply for a loan in just a couple of clicks. That’s right - personal loans online that can happen anytime of day or day of the week.  Doesn’t matter what your work situation is.

Need a flexible loan amount and excellent customer support?  Ferratum have you covered.

3. Flexible loan amounts: Our personal loans range in size from $500 up to $1900 in size so they are small, flexible and fast. Our terms range from 3 to 12 months in length, keeping them short and flexible. Need $700 for a car service or $1300 for medical bills? We can help!

4. Excellent Customer Support: Our customer support is second to none in the lending industry and our team of dedicated service and support agents are here for you. So if you had any customer service related questions about your personal loan with Ferratum please contact us via our Help Centre.

5. No waiting in line or paperwork: As part of the application process with Ferratum, there is never any paperwork to be signed and submitted back to us or any form of physically having to wait in a line or meet someone in person.

6. Safe and secure: If you need a solution that is safe, secure, and can be completed while you are working from home and trying to think of how you are going to pay for repairs to the washing machine which has just decided to break down, the team at Ferratum are here to help.

Our personal loan process is 100% online, easy and straightforward.


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*Transfer time may vary depending on your bank. Approvals outside of business hours will be dealt with the next business day.