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Emergency loans

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Everyone has money woes at some point – unexpected costs, accidents, illness or spontaneous spending can have us feeling broke before payday.  That's when you can turn to Ferratum.

Ferratum get that when you get caught short, you may feel stressed, and not know what to do to get through your situation. The great thing about emergency loans is that they are designed to take the pressure off.  

Here are some ways to help you manage these little curveballs that come your way.


Emergency Cash for Unexpected Costs

When it comes to bills, they are rarely distributed evenly.  Some weeks you can feel like you are the boss of the budget, and you’ve managed everything well, only for it to go to the pits the following week.  

And its in those moments weeks where multiple cash demands can leave you wondering how on earth you are going to pay for #allthethings.  Yep, you are faced with a cash emergency.  Maybe you had budgeted to cover your dental costs for filling in a few cavities, only to find that you need a root canal, braces, and orthodontic works. Perhaps your heating forecast had a blow out thanks to an extra cold snap, and extra time being spent at home leaving you with a  winter heating bill is far more expensive than planned!  

Or your much loved Labrador decides to eat your kid’s sport shoes (that you had budgeted) and now you find yourself forking out for another pair of runners AND a hefty vet bill thanks to your shoe snacking canine.

Maybe your emergency loan online is because of a literal blow out.  The tyre kind.  You did the right thing, promised the kids a weekend camping trip. Successfully budgeted for all the gear, the snacks, and then half way to your favourite outdoor destination.  Boom! There goes the tyre.  Car repair costs could not have come at a worse time!  The good news is, Ferratum Australia has emergency cash loans designed for situations just like these.


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Emergency Cash for Expenses Outside of Your Control

As much as we like to feel that we are in control of our situations, sometimes we get blindsided by things we really didn’t see coming. And, as much as we don’t like to admit it -  we need to ask for help.  Emergency loan type help, to be exact.  No one likes to experience a large event outside of our control that leaves us in financial distress;   some emergency cash can help manage the situation. Situations like you are comfortable in the home that you are renting, only to receive news that your landlord wants to sell the house pronto.

Hello unexpected moving expenses.  Emergency loans can help you while you find a nice place to move into, and manage the gap between accessing bond from your current place, and paying the bond on your new place.  When accessing cash is a timing issue, Ferratum can help you manage between the bond paydays. Death and illness are unpleasant and inevitable in life, and also have unpleasant costs associated.  For example, when someone you care about passes away suddenly, you want to be there to pay your respects and provide emotional support. Flying over for the funeral, hiring a car, and getting accommodation at the last minute wipes out our savings, yet you still want to show your condolences.

You want to buy a beautiful floral wreath but that’s simply a few extra hundred dollars that you just don’t have… right now.

Or your daughter falls sick – there is no cost you would spare just to make her healthy again.  Treatments for her sickness seem to be working, but they have wiped out your savings and you dream of being able to buy her an iPad so she is more comfortable through her recovery, and can keep connected to her friends and family online.

If any of these situations feel familiar, you would understand the stress of a cash emergency.  Don’t waste energy getting stressed out, simply come to Ferratum for a quick emergency cash loan online.  No need to drive, no need to get dressed, it’s 100% online for speed and convenience.


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Emergency Cash Loans for When Things Don’t Go To Plan

Sometimes it’s failure to stick to our budget that could leave us with a financial emergency.  Maybe you wake up from celebrating your best friend’s bucks night only to realise your generous spirit  somehow spent a whole lot more than you realised. Whoops!

You remember you needed that cash to rent a suit and buy a decent pair of shoes for the wedding! Or you decide to visit your sister and she reminds you that your twin nephews are celebrating their birthday in 3 days’ time – and you don’t have any cash to buy decent gifts.

Your acting career hasn’t quite taken off, and your posh friends from uni are going to a charity dinner to support children’s cancer. They love your ability to hold conversation, and have invited you at the last minute.  In a desperate moment of weakness, possibly fuelled by a combination of pride and FOMO, you said you would be there. You scrape together a few hundred dollars, just for the entry charge and splitting costs of transport with your friends, but you realise you don’t have a ball gown for the event. Not one that says “actor in the making”.  You need a solution.


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If you’re on Centrelink, we can still help you.  We've helped hundreds of Centrelink recipients with their emergency cash. 


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