Faster Cash Loans and Secure Online Loan Applications

Ferratum Australia now offers a more secure online banking setup enabling a time saving and hassle free formula for customers wanting faster cash loans, giving you peace of mind when it comes to online loan applications.

Why Bank Statements?

All loan applications through the Ferratum website require customers to retrieve 90 days of bank transactions, as per the Australian Government Regulations. Understandably, this can be a hard and time consuming request so as part of Ferratum’s commitment to offering you the easiest cash loan applications, a partnership with DecisionLogic has been recently started to utilise their innovative banking software.

What Does This Mean For Me?

Bank statements can now be uploaded through a protected link sent to you by Ferratum and provides a read-only copy of your bank statement.  Your loan can then be processed immediately, resulting in a more secure, time saving and hassle free formula for customers wanting faster short term cash loans.

What are the Benefits?

Having your banking information verified electronically provides you with the following benefits:

  • Higher Approval Rate: For many customers, this account verification will increase your chance of approval.
  • Faster Turnaround: Account verification will help make an approval decision more quickly, ensuing you get your cash loan as fast as possible.
  • More Convenient and Increase Speed: Now there is no need to go searching for bank statements, call your bank and have them send it out, or worry about the hassle of faxing documents through.

This secure process has already successfully verified over 3,500 customers (and counting!), and links bank statements to your application, preventing fraud and ensuring all funds are safely transferred.

Who are DecisionLogic and What Do They Do?

DecisionLogic provides a borrower qualification service to lenders, focusing on short term loans known as payday loans and cash advances.  The service works by the borrower selecting a financial institute and entering the customer’s credentials. DecisionLogic then transmits them to secure aggregation servers, allowing them to retrieve the account information in a “read-only” mode.  DecisionLogic’s website is linked with over 3,000 banks internationally and is monitored and secure by Verisign (a trusted site providing authentication facilities), using a 128-bit encryption.

Like Ferratum Australia, DecisionLogic take security very seriously and have been providing an instant account verification service for over 30 years.

What Now?

Before this partnership took place, customers may have experienced the bank statement hassle of Ferratum’s online loan application procedure. Now, Ferratum urges you to re-apply today and enjoy the benefits of the new partnership, secure banking software and faster cash with Ferratum Australia and DecisionLogic.