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At Ferratum you can borrow $700

It's just another morning, loading the car up, getting the kids into their seats, when you catch sight of your tyres and notice they are looking rather bald.  You are anxious for the safety of your family, especially given the rain forcasted, but you can't afford $700 on a set of new tyres until payday.

Don't take chances with your family's safety - a $700 Ferratum cash loan can get you out of a bind!  We have cash loan products designed for your needs.

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Borrow $700 quickly

You can get quickly and easily apply for a $700 loan with Ferratum online. You can apply for a loan of $700 by choosing the amount through the loan calculator. After filling in your details in the loan application, you enter an agreement and receive a text message as soon as we have deposited your cash. When you want a loan from Ferratum Australia, it is just a few clicks away!

When you can borrow $700?

Unexpected expenses arise at any time. Fortunately, there is help! At Ferratum you can easily apply for a loan of $700 at short notice and our staff are hard at work 24/7 processing applications. Once approved, you can get a loan of $700 and it is paid to your account right away (depending your bank and timing). All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Select the desired loan amount 
2. Sign in with Ferratum ID or new customers can Apply Here.
3. Fill in general information about yourself and upload a bank statement.
4. Sign our contract and send in your application!

Ferratum Australia is part of the Ferratum Group. The Ferratum Group is a market leader in small loans and has over 2million satisfied customers worldwide. is the right place for all your fast online cash loan requirements!

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