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Borrow $500 with Ferratum

You have planned to buy a new mobile phone because your old contract expires. Of course you need to sign a new mobile contract because you can get a much nicer phone. You have chosen a contract for a whole year and decide you want the latest model, as you already have the habit of using a smartphone. You choose to pay as little as possible during the year, but you also have to pay a handset fee when you buy the phone. A loan of $500 from Ferratum is therefore an ideal solution. You already know that you can pay off the loan next payday.

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Borrow $500 Quickly

At Ferratum you can quickly and easily borrow $500. By using the loan calculator, you can select the desired amount to borrow. After that, you simply enter basic information about yourself and sign our agreement - most applications are processed within an hour!  Discover how easy it is to borrow from Ferratum here!

When can you borrow $500?

For anyone who has a car, a check up can have all sorts of hidden costs. You are not sure if the car will go make the check and sometimes small repairs expensive. You know you need your car to get to work, and in this case, a loan of $500 from Ferratum could be a lifesaver. Without these repairs, the car may not be roadworthy and with a loan from Ferratum you can ensure that your car is safe, not only to get to work but for your family.

You are anxious to find a suitable destination for your next vacation. After searching for several days, you finally find the perfect destination. You check airline tickets and they fit beautifully with your annual leave! There are few tickets left at a good price, and you dare not wait until the next payday to book. A loan from Ferratum Australia is perfect to not miss this opportunity! You can continue planning your relaxing vacation week without worrying about the bill until next payday.

Your daughter rides her bike to school everyday, but one day her bike is suddenly broken. This unexpected expenditure throws your budget out this month and you choose to submit an application to the Ferratum to borrow $500. Once the application is approved, you can buy a new bike for your daughter. This is just one example of a situation where an instant cash loan from Ferratum can save the day when something unexpected happens.

Ferratum Australia are experts with small loans. The Ferratum Payday Loan is a product of the Ferratum Group which is a world leader in small loans. Our experience means that we know exactly how your loan should be, quick, reliable and with flexible repayment. Need to borrow $500 from Ferratum? Try our quick, simple and reliable loan!

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