Borrow $1900 to Take a Well Deserved Break

Borrow $1900 to Pay for Family Holiday

Holidays are the best time of the year!  Give yourself a break from everyday stress. We can help you fund the holiday or replenish the holiday budget with our smart loans. Bridge your finances easily until your next few pay cheques and pay off flights, accommodation, transport and entertainment costs up front.  Whether you’re staying in Australia, venturing to nearby favourites like New Zealand or Bali, or going on that dream holiday to Paris, Buenos Aires or Istanbul, we have a loan to suit your holiday making needs. 

Borrow $1900 from Ferratum Australia

Our Plus Loan Lite has all the benefits of your favourite microloan:

  • Simple loan application – it only takes a few minutes to fill out!
  • Fast approvals
  • 100% Online – no paperwork, ever!
  • Security and professionalism of an international lender
  • 24/7 support – call us anytime!

Our customers asked for loans with higher amounts and longer repayment times – we listened!  With 6 months to repay the loan, you have some time to pay it off, without getting into long term debt.

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Peace of Mind on Your Vacation

Take advantage of the opportunities that our Plus Loan Lite offers.  The loan is perfect for you to organise your holiday and then pay off the loan from your next few paycheques.  You know you have the means to repay the loan, but you need the cash now to secure early booking discount for the vacation.  Or it’s a few weeks before the holiday and you think you need a little more cash so that you have a bit extra for shopping, dining out at nicer places, for entertainment for the children, etc. Then you can take out a Plus Loan Lite with Ferratum for your peace of mind.

Borrowing money has never been easier nor faster!  With our simple 100% online process, we have eliminated the stress and excess time that loans from the bank can cause.  No locking yourself into long term debt, with amounts far more than required.  Borrow exactly what you require with our fast cash loans and see the difference that the Ferratum Plus Loan Lite can make for your family holiday.

This then frees you to plan your perfect holiday.  Perhaps the dream is skiing in Tokyo or down the Swiss Alps, eating your way through Rome or Singapore, feeling the beat of the drums at Rio Carnavale or getting lost in the bustle of New York City.  With our help, you can make it happen today.  Or perhaps you just want to discover the delights of your own backyard?  No worries, we have the product for you.

Apply for some extra cash to ensure that your trip is memorable for all the right reasons!


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