Borrow $1600 Online to Invest in Your Health

Borrow $1600 for Healthy Teeth

The cost of seeing a dentist can be exorbitant.  You may need a dental cleaning or dental implants, new teeth, a root canal or teeth extraction.  Perhaps it’s your children who need their teeth straightened and all the costs associated with fitting the braces, tightening the braces, plates, moulds and x-rays.  Bills from the dentist or orthodontist can easily chew up your whole months funds as soon as it comes in – even if your health insurance covers some.  With a Plus Loan Lite for your dental costs, you can reduce some of the pain.

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Borrow $1600 from Ferratum Australia

Our Plus Loan Lite has all the benefits of your favourite microloan:

  • Simple loan application – it only takes a few minutes to fill out!
  • Fast approvals
  • 100% Online – no paperwork, ever!
  • Security and professionalism of an international lender
  • 24/7 support – call us anytime!

Our customers asked for loans with higher amounts and longer repayment times – we listened!  With 6 months to repay the loan, you have some time to pay it off, without getting into long term debt.


Plus Loan Lite to Suit Your Cash Needs

Ferratum Australia is specialized in offering small loans.  We understand the hassle to get a loan for your teeth from a conventional bank.  With higher loan amounts for personal loans, generally starting at $5000 and longer terms, it is easy to get stuck in with long term instalments for a loan that doesn’t fit your smaller cash needs.   Also, you have to jump hoops and fill in much tedious paperwork for your loan when applying through a bank.  Not to mention, have your credit file opened and examined, in a time consuming process.  The credit for new teeth for your dental bill from Ferratum is fair and simple. You can get $1200-1900 with our Plus Loan Lite and the funds can be in your account within hours.*

Our Plus Loan Lite has helped many customers with their dental expenses or excess medical bills.  Whatever you need the fast cash for, Ferratum is here for you.  Apply today to find out just how speedy our loans are!


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*subject to your bank’s processing times.