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Borrow Fast Cash to Finance a Special Day

Your birthday is coming up and it’s a milestone one.  You don’t really think about it much and then suddenly it’s only 2 weeks away and your friends are expecting a party.  You’d love to have a big party and treat yourself, but you’re a little behind on saving for the occasion.  You decide that a Plus Loan Lite could be the solution, to ensure you will have enough money for a nice venue and to treat your friends to some food and drink.

We therefore offer you a small loan for the birthday, 100% online and with no credit checks. It is always decided individually whether the loan is approved to ensure customers have the means to repay the loan. Even if your credit has taken a hit in the past, we look at your current income and spending to ensure the best arrangement for everyone.

This leaves you free to plan the perfect party.  Or maybe you want to organise a kid’s party and hire someone to entertain the kids, and someone to prepare a nice meal for the adults (freeing you to enjoy the party, rather than never leaving the kitchen!).  This is where you can take advantage of a Ferratum Plus Loan Lite.

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Borrow $1200 from Ferratum Australia

Our Plus Loan Lite has all the benefits of your favourite microloan:

  • Simple loan application – it only takes a few minutes to fill out!
  • Fast approvals
  • 100% Online – no paperwork, ever!
  • Security and professionalism of an international lender
  • 24/7 support – call us anytime!

Our customers asked for loans with higher amounts and longer repayment times – we listened!  With 6 months to repay the loan, you have some time to pay it off, without getting into long term debt.


Finance the Birthday with a Plus Loan Lite

You do not want the hassle of taking out a personal loan – you only need a small amount and don’t want to have to queue, or fill out forms or have your credit file opened.  This is why you decide that Ferratum Plus Loan Lite is right for your celebrations.  You can borrow $1200-1900 and you know that you can easily repay the loan over the next 6 months.

No long term instalment loans, just a smart cash boost for your special day.

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