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You have planned out your whole budget and are sitting at your laptop on Monday night, paying off the bills falling due this week.  You see your mobile phone bill, log onto your telco's website and enter your card details only for the website to say "Oops!  Something went wrong!  Please try again later".  So you get up and make a coffee, before trying again.  This time the browser says your payment is successful, and sends you a receipt.  But you notice that they have taken the money out twice and now you're short for your other bills!  After twenty minutes on the phone with your service provider, you're told that it takes up to five business days for the payment to be reversed, but your other bills are also falling due!  What to do?

You work hard all day, no need to stress out.  A $100 payday loan with Ferratum Australia can help - our loan handlers are available 24/7 to process your application.


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At Ferratum you can quickly and easily borrow $100. By using the loan calculator, you can select the desired amount to borrow. After that, you simply enter basic information about yourself and sign our agreement - most applications are processed within an hour!  Discover how easy it is to borrow from Ferratum here!

When can you borrow $100?

Every week you put aside a little bit of cash to buy a fancy coffee machine.  This is a gift to yourself so you can have excellent coffee each morning and save the $5 a day that you would spend at the cafe outside work.  Then the machine you had your heart set on is discontinued and goes on sale - but you're about $100 short still.  You could miss out on the machine you wanted, or just take a $100 loan with Ferratum Australia and pay it back on your next payday, so you do not miss out.

You are putting in long hours at work and just want to take a short trip over the weekend with your partner. However, you left it a little late and accommodation prices are steadily increasing.  There are few tickets left at a good price, and you're anxiously waiting until next payday to book because it's a little outside your budget. Or a loan from Ferratum Australia is perfect to ensure you get the best price. You can continue planning your relaxing weekend without worrying about the bill until next payday.

Ferratum Australia are experts with small loans. The Ferratum Payday Loan is a product of the Ferratum Group which is a world leader in small loans. Our experience means that we know exactly how your loan should be, quick, reliable and with flexible repayment. Need to borrow $100 from Ferratum? Try our quick, simple and reliable loan!


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