Ways To Make Extra Cash

Ways To Make Extra Cash

Nowadays, it’s really important to diversify your income. While your regular job may be paying for your bills and necessities, it can be a great idea to develop a side hustle that can be an easy way for you to make extra cash, giving you more money and freedom to save, or spend on what you really want. Below, we’ve got some great ways to make extra cash, from simple things that you might not have thought of yet to small business ideas that can put that bit of extra money in your pocket!

Sell unneeded stuff on eBay or Gumtree

It’s very easy to put stuff in storage and forget about it until the next time you clean and reorganise your space. But revisiting your storage spaces, or even taking stock of what you use and don’t use regularly can give you a great opportunity. Selling unneeded stuff, like used electronics, last year’s clothes, furniture that has been put away? It’s a great way to make extra cash! Just don’t forget to take clear, well-lit photos of what you’re trying to sell - this can actually make or break a sale from a potential buyer!

Share your skills by tutoring

There’s always something that you’ve got skills and knowledge in that you can help others with. Sites like Open Learning, or Teachable, can help you create an online course for your skill, reaching lots of enthusiastic learners, or you can also advertise yourself as a tutor or instructor in your area. From cooking, software, even to university prep, there’s a big demand for tutors who really know their stuff.

Do some catering or baking

Love cooking? Or maybe you’ve got a flair for baking? If you’ve got some spare time, work your magic and do some catering on the weekends, or collaborate with cafes in your area to sell your pastries or cakes. It’s a small business idea that can possibly take you further than you ever imagined, too. There’s lots of small catering businesses that have actually gone on to become full-time jobs for home chefs and bakers!

Become a dog walker

If you love dogs, and want to get a bit more active, this job might be for you! Studies have shown that around 40% of Australian households have at least one dog - and quite often, most households can get too busy to walk their dogs. Fill the gap in the market and walk your furry friends, which not only keeps you healthy, but happy, too.

Do some driving

Got a license and an eligible car? You can get some extra cash on the side by driving for apps such as Uber, Didi, or Ola. Or, if you’re wanting to just deliver food, there’s apps such as Ubereats, Deliveroo, and Menulog, that can put that extra bit of money in your pocket.

Sell your arts and crafts

Have a love for painting? What about embroidery, sewing clothes, photography, or pottery? Turn your hobby into extra income and sell your artistic creations online. Whether you sell on eBay, Etsy, or other online marketplaces, you’re sure to find an audience that loves your work.

Create a small business with dropshipping

Simply put, dropshipping means that you advertise a product online, and use a third-party supplier to deliver your advertised product to your clients. It’s a nice, easy way to diversify your income streams without too much stress!


Got some skills that you can market? Build a portfolio and set your own hours by freelancing on the side! You have the freedom to choose your projects, no matter what your skills are, and you’ll find that there’s a big demand for experienced, freelancer website designers, software developers, graphic designers, content writers, and many more.

Use your translating skills

If you can speak a foreign language, a great way to make extra cash could be to start a translation service. Languages such as Mandarin or Cantonese, Russian, French, and many more are needed in a lot of industries, such as medical or financial spaces, and it’s a great idea that can not only keep you on top of your language skills, but put some extra money in your pocket. What’s more, you could also tutor people and help others learn how to speak it, too.

Share your love for make-up

Do you have a flair for make-up? Maybe you’ve also got some skills in hairdressing or hairstyling. Becoming a make-up artist can be a great small business idea, helping you not only to provide a much-needed service to your area, but also helping you build up a portfolio of your work, too. Who knows, maybe this small business can lead to something amazing!

Use your skills in audio and video editing

In the world today, there’s a big demand for audio and video editing for podcasts and videos on social media. In order to produce high-quality content, freelancers with advanced skills in editing are needed - maybe you can fill that niche and get some extra money for your skills!

There’s a lot of ways to make extra cash on the side. Look at your skills and experience, and market yourself well to get some extra money in your pocket. But if you’re needing some extra money for that one off situation, like pushing your small business off the ground, getting a quick loan from Ferratum can be your launchpad to success. 

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