Top 10 affordable gifts for Christmas – under $35 for your loved ones

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays all around the world. And what we consider more important than exchanging gifts? However, gift picking can seriously set you back if you have a large family and many friends.

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays all around the world. And what we consider more important than exchanging gifts? However, gift picking can seriously set you back if you have a large family and many friends. So if you don’t want to lose any of the holiday cheer contemplating the impact on your wallet, you should consider some affordable gift options for your loved ones. You can explore our top 10 picks in the list below, each gift setting you back less than $35.


A beautiful poster nicely framed


You can’t go wrong with this type of gift if some of your loved ones are teenagers, still in their 20s or just generally have really bare walls because - why bother? There’s a multitude of choices for posters on the market, to fit all tastes. If your friends are into music, you can get them a poster of their favorite band. Are they movies aficionados? Find out their top movie picks, then you’re off to shopping. If your loved ones seem to a bit more pretentious, an artsy poster would be a good fit. No worries, you can find artists from all over the world selling their cool custom posters across a variety of websites.


A glamorous Christmas tree ornament


The Christmas tree ornaments are usually expensive bundled together, so everybody ends up buying only a handful of beautiful, but more pricey ornaments, while most of the tree we cover in standard plastic ones. You can help your loved ones to get rid of some of some of this by shopping for a one of a kind beautiful ornament. And who knows? It might be that you just bought their kid’s favorite ornament for years to come.


A special moment picture in a neat frame


If you have a picture taken in a special moment, you can go shopping for a beautiful frame and you’re all set. Maybe you’ve taken one at a family get-together or maybe you went out on an anniversary to a special place or maybe you just have a nice picture of you and your mom and having it framed would make her very happy. All of the above are perfectly suited for a perfect low-budget Christmas gift.


A sand and water resistant beach towel


Give your loved ones the best gift to enjoy the beach without complications. The sand-free beach mat is available online and they are supper affordable and in different cute designs and colors. They have a dual layer mesh technology that makes any sand that falls on it disappear. Easy to fold into a compact zipped tote and the best thing is that is machine washable.


A new mug with a funny message


You can find this affordable present in any gift or souvenir shops. It can be either a coffee mug or a tea one, depending on what your loved one seems to be hooked on. You can find one with a hilarious message in the standard set or order a personalized inside joke one.  Either way, this gift will end up being used daily.


A barbecue set

Take advantage of these hot summer days to have a barbecue at a local park or at home and gather all your family and friends to enjoy a pleasant moment. If someone from your nearby circle is an expert and loves it, give him a barbecue set: wooden, in a metal case or with an apron. Find the one that best suits your budget and the style of your loved ones.


A good bottle of wine


You can head off to a specialized wine store if you’re not very knowledgeable in this area. You can discuss with them your budget and your loved one’s preferences, and they’ll give you plenty of recommendations. Otherwise, if you already know your loved ones’ taste when it comes to a good wine, you can just head off to a larger supermarket and pick that from the shelf.


A few months of a new streaming service subscription


The war in streaming services is starting and with so many options, and each one offering you the most exclusive series and movies, it is difficult to pay 3 or 4 different services. So, this gift is one of the most requested for new generations and the future. Research the favorite series of your friends or what system they stopped paying and give them the subscription. It doesn't have to be for the whole year, it can be for 3 months or find out the promotions they offer.


An entertaining board game


If your friend is missing a classic board game in their collection and you keep having to bring it over for evening visits, you’re doing both of you a favor by buying it as a Christmas gift. Or, if the collection is complete, you can check out the new games coming out every year. You’ll find in this novelty set of board games an extensive range based on new hit movies. So if you know your loved one is a fan of one of them, don’t hesitate and buy.


A gift card to a bookstore


If your loved one enjoys reading and you’re not quite sure what to get this year, then this type of gift card would be perfect. Of course, you can always buy a book which they might really want, but you will very rarely find out such information without suspicion. This way however, they can use the card at a local bookstore and make sure to buy what they’re interested in.

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