Tips For A Hamptons Home

Tips For A Hamptons Home

As a homeowner, getting a house built can be stressful, but fun. Working towards the goal of your forever home can include a lot of design choices, from paint, to layouts, to furniture. This freedom of choice can be both overwhelming and exciting at the same time, producing a home that you’re proud to call your own, adhering to your personal tastes and style. But as time passes, you might be wanting to shake things up, change your interior design and update your home so it feels fresh and new once again. If you’re looking at redesigning your home in the Hamptons style, we’ve got some simple tips below for you to keep in mind when redecorating for a Hamptons style feel.

Hamptons Style Guide

Picture this: a fresh, airy palette in a home with natural textures, white-washed furniture and linens, ocean-blue hues, and white walls. This, simply, is what the foundations of a Hamptons home entails. A look inspired by the decor and architecture of Long Island’s luxury seaside communities, it evokes a roomy, relaxed feel with a coastal atmosphere and plenty of entertaining areas to boot.

When it comes to redesigning and redecorating your home into the Hamptons style, the most important element is the colour white. White on the walls, white on the furniture, and white decor - build on this with a few splashes of natural tones and textures and you’ll be well on your way to a Hamptons home.

Changing your interior design to a Hamptons style in your kitchen? Pick light-coloured benchtops, white kitchen cabinets and open shelving, as well as bar stools by your island benches. For Hamptons kitchens, you’ll never go wrong with statement pendant lights, whether you install lights with a chrome finish, or a lantern style in metal and glass. 

A beautiful Kitchen Cabinet and Buffet Base like the one from Temple and Webster is available Australia wide. With its white wood, and understated hardware, it will fit right in with your newly redesigned kitchen. You get plenty of storage space for assorted kitchenware, and even have glass paned cabinets to design beautiful china and utensils as you like. And if you’re entertaining for a large group of people, it’s the perfect buffet base for your next party, too.

Wanting a Hamptons style look for your bedroom? Lean into the coastal feel and go for wooden flooring, breezy curtains, and light coloured linens on beds with lighter toned bed frames. Not keen on floorboards? Carpets in natural tones will do just as well. Just remember that with the furniture that you choose, white-washed tones and distressed looks add to the relaxed, easygoing coastal feel that makes a Hamptons home so beautiful.

My Furniture sells a stunning Tallboy French Style Cream/Antique White with Rattan which has the white tones, the natural elements, and the easygoing style that will complement the rest of your Hamptons style bedroom. Compact yet still roomy enough for your clothing, it’s a great addition with its rattan material to livening up the room and evoking a coastal style effortlessly.

The Mabel Queen Bed (Cream) from Life Interiors gives off a luxurious yet relaxed look which you can then dress up with ocean inspired sheets to really elevate that coastal feel. With a cream shade, a plush headboard, and natural tones for the legs, you can add a rug underneath to really underline the resort luxury feel that the Hamptons style is known for.

On to the living room: choose light coloured fabric tones for furniture, and make the design dynamic by adding splashes of colour and texture to your interiors. Remember that it’s ocean-inspired, so look to a colour palette of blues and whites, and introduce decor like driftwood, bleached coral, and even seaglass. 

Hallams Home’s Beata 2m American country style white TV stand/ entertainment unit is a Hamptons style entertainment unit, through and through. With its defined lines, classic hardware, and whitewashed look, it’s a great addition to any Hamptons living room, or entertainment room. With roomy cabinets, and enough space for DVDs, consoles, and many more items for entertaining guests and family, it’s a perfect fit for a redesigned living area. 

Wanting to change up your couch? This beautiful piece from Focus On Furniture called Hampton 3 seat sofa is a sizeable seating space that really underscores the luxurious yet laid back feel of any Hampton home. With plush cushions, a pale, neutral fabric, and plenty of relaxing space, plop some splashes of colour by the form of decorative couch cushions and you’ll have yourself the perfect Hamptons couch. 

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