The Freedom of Choice and What it Means for Us Every Day

The Freedom of Choice - Ferratum

If you think about it, we have it pretty good, we live in pretty comfortable times, right? No other time in history have we had the sheer number of choices available to us every day. Think about it for a second, just walk down the aisle of your local supermarket and just look at the array of options to choose from.

But the decisions keep coming, do you get a soy latte or a low-fat one? Should I just keep my iPhone 7 or upgrade to an 8? We’re really spoiled for choice, aren’t we..

For those of us living in the first world, our choices are basically limitless – not just for tangible goods, but for every decision, we’re fortunate enough to have the freedom to make.

We’re constantly presented with choices, each and every day.

Decision Making

According to a recent article on The Huffington Post, the average working adult makes about 12 decisions before 9:00 am. The same article also references a study by Cornell University which states that, as adults, we make approximately 70+ decisions a day. That’s a lot of decision-making and includes everything from what do I want for lunch to should I get married!

The truth is though, we´re often busy decision making but perhaps without any real thought. Every choice we make, however, shapes our identity and shapes our life. From our choice of employer, the type of work we do, the cost of travel, the neighbourhood we live in – these are all conscious choices we make (or at the very least try to influence).

We’re faced with choices every day that are both big and small. When we make a choice we make it with (what we hope) is the best possible outcome in mind. No one makes a bad choice intentionally. This brings us to money.  

Financial management is a series of choices

The lens through which we look at our lives influences our choices. We may say, for example, that we never have the money to do what we want to do or buy what we want (maybe because we're in debt). However, how we spend our money and how we see money are also choices. Is money something that causes you worry or do you see it as something that empowers you?

Sometimes we put off decision-making because we anticipate that the decision will be difficult. Ironically, deciding not to make a difficult decision is a decision in itself.

Making The Right Decisions For You

It´s important to look at the decisions you´re making in your life. Sometimes we make choices based on other people’s opinions – our friends, our spouse, our family – and they don’t understand why we’re not living the life we wish to live (this is super common).

The bottom line is that it’s important to understand you are making choices every day and it’s important that you face these decisions armed with the knowledge that it’s the choices we make that define who we are. Have a tough choice to make? Consider your options, run through possible outcomes, acknowledge the consequences then take the plunge.

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