Stress Less About Your Big Day

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There’s something about weddings that make them often the most joyful and also stressful event we’re ever likely to experience in our lives? For many of us, all the planning and management of their big day is like a full-time job, where you’re paying someone else instead of the other way around! In fact, wedding planning often takes over our entire lives in the lead-up to the day.  

There are so many decisions! Picking the wedding party, the guest list, seating, reserving your ideal date and venue. That’s not even including researching and finding all the other bits and pieces from photographers to florists – the list is endless and it’s never cheap!

The budget is the part that’s probably most likely to ironically, end in divorce! The average Australian wedding costs $21,000, that’s about 4 times the amount they send in Europe. Us Aussies, love spending big on our weddings!

Working out your wedding budget can be a long and often quite stressful process. How many guests (this number is the single largest factor in determining your budget) do you invite? Where is the venue? How much will catering (often this is included in the venue hire) cost? Where’s the cake coming from? Is alcohol included in the cost per person etc..? The costs go on, from printing invites to bridal wear and transport.

Then once you think it’s all over, the big day finally arrives and there´s the stress of whether everything will run smoothly. Will the groom remember the ring? Will it rain or will it shine? The truth is weddings don’t need to always be so stressful.

Here are four tips to bring some zen-like calm into your wedding preparations:


Make planning hassle free with technology

Use a wedding planning app! While there are still wedding planners you could lean on to help you plan your wedding, they are really expensive! Instead, try a wedding organizer app.

This tech can help you do almost everything from scheduling, staying on top of to-do lists, keeping track of RSVPs, and even set up a wedding registry. There are several great apps designed to keep you calm and centred. Paste Magazine put together a list of 10 Great Wedding Apps to Help You Plan Your Big Day, check them out here: (


Keep your head and remember it’s all about love

At the end of the day, you’re about to marry the person you love. After all, this is what it’s all about. Your big day should be a joyous occasion, that you want to remember forever, not a forgettable stress-fest of things that weren’t perfect. Don't stress, it's all going to be ok. 

Enjoy the process of planning together, crack a bottle of red, have a laugh, and don’t take things too seriously. It’ll all work out in the end and as long as you have one another, that’s all that matters right?

Money Worries Be Gone

Ok budget is in line – Check. But now it’s a matter of financing the day. Some couples opt to use a credit card to pay for their wedding, which can be an expensive experience they are paying back years later. An industry that’s recently been growing quickly is the wedding personal loans space.

The interest rates on personal loans are generally less than a credit card and offer a much more flexible repayment schedule. The other advantage is the ability to set and stick with a certain cost, so you’ll never keep adding to the overall cost of the wedding with extras. With Ferratum, for example, you can complete an application in just minutes and have the money in your account within hours.

Let Go and enjoy!

Always remember that you can only plan so much and whatever will happen will happen! Perhaps you’re comparing your big day to a friend’s wedding or to a scene from a movie? – best not! Movies are not real life, there are no such things as magic-bullets and if you spend your life comparing yourself to others all the time, you will never be anything but miserable.

Take the pressure off yourself, take a deep breath, and celebrate what should be one of the most memorable days in your life.

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