Outdo Yourself Story: Being A Voice For A Positive Body Image

Outdo Yourself Story: Being A Voice For A Positive Body Image

At Ferratum Money, we aim to bridge the gap between the life that you dream and the life that you lead, to help dreams become a reality, and to make the impossible, possible.

We know that inside so many people, there's a nagging feeling of another life – the life they were meant to live.


Stepping Up To The Challenge

Late last year, we held a contest called Outdo Yourself where we asked you to send in a video pitch about a project, goal or ambition dear to you which you hoped to realize.

Perhaps it was a project you had already started, or was something you'd always wanted to do but hadn't had the time or the means to see it through to completion. Maybe you need the encouragement to pursue your goal.

Outdo Yourself was created to encourage you to put your ideas into action, an opportunity to complete your resolution for the year ahead, and to do the things in life you've perhaps put off doing in the past. To reward you, we, at Ferratum, would offer a generous grant along with the mentorship you need to help you to achieve your goal.

At Ferratum, we understand that money can create opportunities and that one opportunity often leads to more opportunities. Our financial products have been created to help you say yes to life more often and help you make things happen.

More Inspiration

We received so many wonderful videos - 133 videos from 18 different countries to be exact - and we had the difficult task of selecting just three winners.

After deciding on three winners at the end of January, we quickly realized that the videos themselves had the power to inspire many more people long after the contest had finished, which inspired us to highlight the stories here.

Spreading A Positive Message

One of the winners of the Outdo Yourself contest was Latvian online magazine, Morethansize.

In addition to being a beautifully shot and wonderfully edited video, in their 60-second pitch, the team at Morethansize explain how their mission is to inspire every woman in Latvia and to promote a positive body image for women.

With the help of Ferratum, Morethansize will now be producing a printed edition of the magazine and will also be able to further develop and expand their profile.

We're happy to support and award the team at Morethansize for their efforts in promoting positivity. Through their publication, they have the opportunity to help and inspire countless more. After all, when we help others, we help ourselves.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from Outdo Yourself soon!