Local First, Let's Keep Supporting Each Other

Local First, Let's Keep Supporting Each Other


Nowadays, as everyone begins to get used to our new normal, it’s a good idea to be mindful of where our money goes, and who we support. Things such as international travel are not recommended or advisable at the moment, especially considering community health, but this is more than enough reason to spend some time to explore our beautiful country. Australia’s varied and gorgeous sights are not only breathtaking to look at, but will also remind you that there is beauty in your own backyard. But it’s not just the local travel industry that you can help to support! 

Whether you’re looking to make use of government grants for building or renovating your home, or even wanting to know if shopping local can help, there’s a lot of ways for you to support local businesses first, keeping that community spirit alive and well. While the negative effects of the pandemic on the economy have slowly lessened, it’s not over yet. It’s really important to work together to keep Australia’s economy going strong.


Local Travel

Recently, there has been a push by the Australian government for Aussies to explore their home state. This is in response to border closures and the advice of health authorities in light of the pandemic. Keeping your holidays and traveling local will not only help to keep the community safe, but also give you a better appreciation of the state that you live in. And by keeping to each state’s restrictions, and keeping yourself updated on where you can and can’t go, it’s actually safe to go out and enjoy what your area has to offer. 

If you live in WA, the state government has even collaborated with local airlines for subsidised airfare costs to help encourage Aussies to explore their own state. With significantly cheaper flights to destinations such as Exmouth and Broome, it’s a great way for Western Australians to travel in-state and enjoy amazing tourism experiences, while also supporting local tourism companies such as restaurants, hotels, and tours. 

Wherever you live in Australia, it’s important to keep on top of local restrictions to ensure a smooth travel experience. Keep to government advice and embark on a roadtrip to explore the local attractions that you may have overlooked over the years - not only will you have a great time, you’ll also be able to support local businesses that provide tourists from all over the world with fun and memorable experiences. Be a tourist in your own state - you definitely won’t regret it! And if you’re wanting a little bit of extra cash to not only treat yourself and your family to a luxury stay, but also to support the local economy, consider getting a cash loan online to take away the stress of enjoying your vacation.


Local Businesses

Australia’s economy is slowly getting stronger, but it’s up to us to support local businesses in our community to keep this going. Not so sure how to support businesses in your area? Maybe you’re wanting to renovate, or build something. If you’re able to, make sure to pop by a local hardware store to get your materials! While it may be tempting to head down to international chain stores for things such as home improvement, or furniture shopping, consider taking the time to research local businesses that provide services and products made within your state by members of the community. 

Consider, too, dropping by a local farmer’s market, or purchasing new clothing from a local boutique. Not only will you get fresh produce that’s in season and grown in your area, as well as high-quality clothes, accessories, and other products, you can rest assured that your money is going to make a difference. Whether you’re looking to buy something for yourself or your family, or wanting to buy presents for the holidays, it does pay in the long run to consider purchasing from local businesses. By making a point to support local businesses, you can help keep your local community’s economy going, helping people get back on their feet.

But it’s not only products that you can buy to support your local economy and your community. When you’re wanting to eat out, or have a fun night out, consider supporting your local restaurant, bar, or pub! These are run by local members of the community, and employ people in your area, which means that by supporting these places, you’re helping to grow the local economy.

It’s important to remember that shopping locally may be a bit more expensive than choosing to purchase or patronise international brands and companies. It may be a good idea to set aside a bit more money to help towards this goal, as local and independent shops may be unable to match the prices of bigger chain companies. This applies to local travel, too. International travel companies may be able to provide cheaper prices for tourist experiences and accommodation, but this usually takes a cut of the profits of local companies that you’re wanting to support. 

The price differences can be an issue, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Whether you’re after local travel and accommodation, or wanting to buy local furniture, products, or services, the costs can make you think twice about supporting local, especially if you’re used to cheaper prices from bigger companies. But considering the benefits of making an effort to support local businesses in your community, it’s still really important for us to band together to find ways to help local businesses. 


Applying for cash loans online can be actually a great way to add a bit more cash for your spending. Whether you’re making plans to fly or roadtrip to a destination in your state, or if you’re looking to make an effort to support local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and stores, cash loans online can help add that extra bit that you need to not only get high quality products and services, but also to keep your local economy going up.