Halloween Costume Ideas For 2020

Halloween Costume Ideas For 2020

It’s spooky season once again! From pumpkins, skeletons, bats, and all things scary, it’s one of the most fun days to celebrate each year. Whether you’re a hardcore halloween fan, or someone just wanting to find fun and wacky costume ideas for this year’s halloween celebrations, we’ve got some suggestions to really level up your costumes and wow your friends and family. After all, it’s boring to reuse last year’s costumes, and you definitely don’t want to rock up to a get together wearing the same costume as another person!


Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Black Widow

Are you a Marvel fan? There’s a lot of excitement for the upcoming Black Widow movie, which hits Australian cinemas on the 29th of October, just in time for halloween. Grab a simply sleek and sexy black bodysuit, a fun red wig, and a tactical belt and be this badass character for a night!


Daenerys Targaryen

If you’re like 99% of the population, you’ve definitely watched this fiery character on Game of Thrones. Her wardrobe is varied, but one thing that screams Daenerys is her long, silver-white hair - this wig from Heaven Costumes will take your costume from drab to fab. Pair it with a long dress and matching cloak, and you’ve got yourself an awesome costume. And if you’re needing a little bit of cash to grab the perfect costume, consider a cash advance online to get you that extra cash you need.


Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

Guy Fieri

Heading straight into Flavourtown? If you love this TV personality, you’ll no doubt love dressing up as him, too. Grab a blonde, spiky wig, some good wraparound sunglasses, and a flame print button up shirt: we love this one from Desertcart!


Indiana Jones

This whip-snapping adventurer is well-loved and well-known - and you’ll definitely have an adventurous time donning this costume for the night. Grab a fedora - it’s one of the most important bits! And don a beige button up shirt under a brown jacket. To amp up your costume, carry around a gold statue, too!


Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin

No doubt you’ve probably watched this documentary during the pandemic. Rock up to your next halloween party as these unmistakeable icons: we love this all inclusive costume from Amazon for Joe Exotic, complete with the sparkly shirt, blonde wig, and accessories. For a Carol Baskin costume, grab a blonde wig, a flower crown, and a tie-dye top, and you’re well on your way to having a fun night out. For extra flair, grab a little tiger plush toy for great Tiger King vibes.


Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad

For a simple yet immediately recognisable costume, grab some yellow hazmat suits for you and your partner! Make sure to get a yellow latex face mask too, and your costume will be perfect, making you look like you’ve just finished mixing up a batch.


Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairly Odd Parents

Wanting a little bit of nostalgia for your halloween costumes? Why not dress up as these well-loved characters from the fun kid’s show? All you need are pink and green wigs, small toy crowns and a star wand. For a Wanda costume, you just need a yellow shirt and black pants, and for a Cosmo costume, you just need a white button down, black tie, and black pants. Easy and fun!


Halloween Costume Ideas for Groups



Want a simple yet fun group costume for you and your friends? Hurly-Burly has The Wiggles costumes available for you to choose from on their website. It’s definitely a no-fuss costume that everyone can appreciate.


The Belcher Family from Bob's Burgers

Looking for a simple family costume? Take some inspiration from the show Bob’s Burgers, and dress up for halloween as your favourite Belcher, whether it’s Bob, Tina, Linda, Louise, or even Gene. Halloween Costumes has some great Bob’s Burgers costumes to make dressing up even easier and more fun.


The Incredibles

Fight crime this halloween as a family and dress up as the Incredibles! Costumes.com.au has a great selection of Incredibles costumes on their website that will suit you and your family or your friends, so you can fight crime in style.


DIY Costumes

After some easy to make costumes that are still fun and fab? Don’t want to spend too much on your halloween costumes? Below we’ve got some fun ideas for you to try without breaking the bank.



This one’s for the ladies! Any white dress and heels will work. Buy a cheap veil, or maybe even just grab some cheap white tulle fabric and stick it to a headband to make a low-cost veil yourself. Grab some costume jewellery - a big, gaudy ring on your finger and a small bouquet of flowers will do the trick!




A classic, and for good reason! Don a white shirt and bottoms, and wrap gauze all over you. You might need to get a little creative and put on some dark makeup - smudge some eyeliner over your eyes, for example, and you’ve got yourself a pretty cool costume for cheap. 


As halloween draws near, it’s a great idea to start thinking about your costume. If you’re wanting to order yours online, keep in mind that shipping delays might occur the closer to halloween it gets, so it’s best to get your orders in as soon as possible! If you’re wanting to buy your costumes in-store, look through your local stores soon, as the best costumes will probably be out of stock the closer it is to halloween, too.


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