Getting Ready For Summer

Get ready for summertime

Summer time is all about relaxing your grip a little on life, relaxing, and indulging. We all eat and drink more than perhaps we should, we might sleep odd hours, or break our normal routines.

Hey, we get it, it’s all part of the summertime fun!

All those extra social activities, meals out, extra rounds of drinks and the occasional sneaky bit of summertime travel, can often lead to stretching our budgets more than just a little. On one hand, you can’t put a price on all those wonderful memories of toasting bogans in the hot sun of Bali and the extra time spent with friends and family, right? Well, sort of..

With a little preparation, we can make sure that we get the most out of summer while still always staying on top of our finances.

Set a Summertime Budget and Stick to it.

It might be a scary prospect but the first thing to do before the summertime arrives is to face the music and take stock of where you are currently at with your finances. This means looking at our debts to make sure that we're not going to be too stressed about money.

Work out in your budget how much you need to allocate towards paying off your debts. Even just $50 each pay is enough to reinforce your brain that you’re moving in the right direction and you´ll feel more in control as you head into the silly season.

Right Here, Right Now

What’s on your agenda for summer? Are you going to do some travelling? Or maybe it’s finally time to get around to those renos? Plan for those big costs up front before you have to face the music and pay anything out of pocket. Also, it’s great to know how you are going to pay for these plans, be it a credit card, savings or some sort of personal loan.

Sometimes you need a little help to fund those summertime dreams. That’s why Ferratum designed its easy, flexible, short-term loans which give you access to funds quickly and easily right when you need them. You can complete a loan application online within minutes and a credit decision will appear on your screen in a few more minutes. That means absolutely no paperwork required.

Best Laid Plans

Once you’ve worked out how to handle your summer plans and with your budget in hand, it’s go time! Just bear in mind that if you do borrow money in any capacity to fund summer it might be worth having a think about how you’re going to pay back any debt afterwards.

In addition to the amount you’ve allocated from your salary to pay off any debt, depending on the size of the debt and your time frame, you may decide, like many others, that picking up an additional source of income is the best way to get on top of things.

Can you offer your skills and pick up some freelance work a few hours a week or on the weekend?

Whatever you decide, it’s important to feel like you are fully in control of your finances and to not let anything get in the way of an amazing summer.

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