Five Ways a Microloan Can Make Your Life Easier This Summer

Ferratum Australia

Summer is almost here, which means it´s that time we put on our bathers and hid the ugg boots somewhere deep in a cupboard cause it's almost time to hit the beach and get those beers going with the barbie.   

It’s also time to get ready for summer around the house and make sure that the AC is working and we’ve got enough beach towels to go around when all the rellies come over to pile into the pool.

It’s right about now that we discover all those little things we’ve been meaning to do around the house, things to replace or to fix.. you know the kind of thing  I'm talking about? Getting the pool safe and ready for summer, replacing that old rusted thing you call a barbie or fixing the AC in the car that’s been unused since last year..

Luckily, there are many options you can explore to help you get back on top.

For many people, a short-term microloan is a perfect, quick, and simple solution that helps them back on their feet.

Here are five ways a microloan can make your life easier this summer.


When You´ve Got Something To Celebrate 

You´ve been planning your big day for months now that the weather’s warmer but after sending out wedding invites, hiring the venue, paying for catering, and buying your dress, you still have to hire the DJ and a photographer... A microloan can ensure that those memories that last a lifetime are positive ones.


In The Case of an Emergency

For the past few weeks, you´ve been feeling a tingling sensation in one of your teeth when drinking anything cold. Unfortunately, over the weekend, it reached the point you can no longer ignore. When it comes to emergency dental work, money shouldn´t be another source of pain.


Back To School Expenses

Summer means back to school. Whether it´s textbooks or purchasing a new bicycle, so your child can to get to school, it all adds up. A microloan is a perfect stopgap for unexpected expenses.


When You Need a Small Lump Sum

Congratulations on finding a new apartment just in time for summer! After purchasing some new bits and pieces for your new place and working out your budget for the first month´s rent, you receive an email from the building manager reminding you that the deposit is also now due. With a microloan, you´ve got the keys to the kingdom.


When You Need To Get Things In Motion

Whether your car has just broken down or there are planned rail works on your train line, everyone needs a reliable source of transportation to get from A-to-B. A microloan is a great solution to get you back on the road, whether to buy a bicycle or to cover the first payment for the lease or purchase of a second-hand car.

Whatever your short-term needs, Ferratum Lending can help you. Our same day microloans are the quickest and most easily accessible way to secure funds when you need to make things happen fast.  

Simply complete an application through our easy-to-use mobile app or website. Applications are non-binding and completely free and receive a decision within minutes. No paperwork, no hassles. If approved, you get the money you need within one day.

At Ferratum Lending, we are here to help you weather anything (including that sunburn)!