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Payday loans are one way of borrowing money to pay for something.   Some alternatives loans might be things like asking the parents for cashola (and having to hear about it at every family gathering in future), putting on a credit card, or taking your other half’s much-loved golf clubs to a pawnbroker and trading them for cash.  Or, Ferratum Money!

We all want happy lives, right?

If you’re looking for a little extra something,  and you are looking for a payday loan alternative, that’s not a credit card with a high-interest rate, keep calm and keep reading. 

Let’s explore a few points to help you with knowing what options you have.


In the Land of Loans and Money, What are Pay Day Loans, Anyway?


There are lots of ways to borrow money.  Really, it depends on the size of the purchase.  Hello 30 year mortgage for a house that is going to need repairs.   A Payday loan is one way to borrow a small amount of money.   

Ferratum money is not for buying a house but it is a good way to access a small amount of cash as an alternative.

You might want to understand a little more about a payday loan, and know why Ferratum Money is a good alternative.


What amounts are we talking?


If you are a gazillionaire, a small amount might be considered a casual half Mil.

For the rest of us, what you call a small amount of money and spare cash  is likely to be a significantly different.

A small amount might be from a couple hundred dollars (say $200) to a couple thousand dollars - or for Ferratum Money - up to $1900.

Pay Day Loans can be small, or medium sized, however the terms can vary.


What about the borrowing terms?


As the size of the loan is small, a payday loan also has a small term - generally three months.  This is very different from a credit card, where you can keep spending and paying and spending and paying.


What can Ferratum Money be used for?


Hypothetically, say your kids decide to do a little drawing for their beloved nanna (your mother in law) on your super white table at home with a thick black marker pen from your home office.  Your super white table is now more dalmatian, and no amount of cleaning will repair it.   You don’t want to suffer the judging eyebrow of the M.I.L, and you don’t want to get a brand spanking new table, but you want a replacement.

Actually, she’s coming to visit at the same time that your friends from your travelling days are having a spur of the moment weekend trip to a winery. This is much of a ‘why not do both’ type of situation. 
Ferratum money is all about you having the cash and the no-worries-attitude to live your life.  We get unexpected things happen in life, in the good sense and the bad.


Let’s focus on the good things you can do with Ferratum Money


Remember those two friends? The ones you met while travelling? They are a little spur of the moment and like to do things like go parachuting, or in this case of adulting, go on a road trip to a winery, hire a big house to reminisce about old memories and create some new memories.

BUT you’ve just paid all the bills (it was that month where electricity and gas and water all came in together) AND it’s also the weekend where your mother in law is visiting.

You want to go. 

You will have the money in three weeks, but it is this coming weekend - enter Ferratum Money.


Enter Ferratum Money. 


Ferratum money does small loans.  The advantage though is you have three to 12 months to pay Ferratum, and a cash loan can be up to $1900 with Ferratum offering a flexible loan term.

Ferratum money is a great choice for giving you the lifestyle you want.  We are all about choosing how you want to live, and what you want to experience.


You’ve decided to choose a winery trip with your friends, and choose Ferratum Money, what’s next?


Ferratum money is all online.  The application process is simple and automated. Winning!

Actually, you can do the application from any device - mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet.  Once you know the amount you need for the weekend away, it’s really simple.


The process to access Ferratum money takes four minutes.


Unlike more traditional lenders, our online and automation process means that we can ask you a few easy to understand questions, your responses are analysed and you get an answer quickly, right to your inbox.


How about the repayment process with Ferratum?


You have three to 12 months to pay Ferratum, and a cash loan can be up to $1900. Definitely enough to cover that weekend of freedom.

With Ferratum offering a flexible loan term, the goal is to take the pressure off.


How about the fees, what can be expected in Ferratum Money?


We know your kids might like to play hide and seek, but our fees are not down for that.  Ferratum money has no hidden fees, and we work in with your pay cycle to make sure that repayments are doable over the term of the loan. Like that weekend away.


Sweet!  Want to know what’s next?


It’s simple.  Now that you have decided that Ferratum Money is your preference over a payday loan, all you have to do is click below to get the application process happening.

Using Ferratum money is about giving you a choice in your lifestyle.