Fast Money Loans

We all work hard to pay the bills, support our families, and provide the best life we possibly can to our loved ones. But when life throws you a curveball, it might be time to ask for help.

Fast Money Loans

Even the best planners can run into unforeseen situations, and that’s where a small personal loan, called a microloan, can come into play. Whether you have lost your job and need something to cover your gap in employment, you’re a student, or you have to fix your car before your next payday, a microloan can help to save the day and keep you out of financial trouble.

Fast money loans are available for every adult in Australia, with no credit check -- so even people with bad credit can get one. When you’re in a pinch, a little loan can help you solve, or avoid, a big problem.

How can a microloan help you?

Microloans are a great option when you have a short term gap in income, or you need money that you just don’t have and you need it quickly -- before your next payday or before your expense gets worse.

For example, when your rent needs paid now, a microloan can keep you from getting evicted. If your car needs a repair so that you can drive to work, you can do it now.

Or, if you have a small business that has never borrowed money from a bank and you need a small loan to get your business off the ground or out of a tight spot, a microloan might be your best option. You’ll get money quickly, and you’ll be able to solve your business issues now so that you can continue operations.

A microloan can also help when it’s time to fix or upgrade your vehicle, when you need to repair damage to your home. No matter how much you plan for emergencies, sometimes a pipe will burst, a storm will knock a tree over on top of your house or your car, or you need to pay for another emergency. A microloan helps you stretch your dollars just a little further.

So, who is eligible to use a microloan?

At Ferratum, anyone over 18 can apply for a loan, including students, the unemployed, and people with bad credit.

A student who works hard in school and needs to pay rent before his or her next payday might consider a payday loan just to get by. If you’re unemployed, you can consider getting a microloan, especially if you need money fast to keep up with your bills. Those who have bad credit can turn to a microloan because there is no credit check required to qualify.

It is important to look at all of your options when you run into a financial crisis or mishap, and microloans are one possible solution. You may have other options, and a microloan is not right for everyone. However, if you’re stuck and you need money fast, check out our FAQs and consider a microloan as one option that is available to you.

How fast is a fast money loan?

It’s so easy to apply, and you can do so online. The application is straightforward, and it can be processed quickly. We know that you need money fast -- that’s why we call it a fast money loan. Once you’re approved, you can have your loan within 60 minutes.

Apply for Your Fast Money Loan Now

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