Black Friday 2020 Deals and Sales

Black Friday 2020 Deals and Sales

The clock is ticking: Black Friday is coming, and with it, are some rare finds, awesome deals, and jaw-dropping discounts coming your way! 

But what is Black Friday?

This spectacular shopping event actually originated in the US, following Thanksgiving holiday celebrations. Shoppers in the US have long enjoyed a wide range of products on offer, with great discounts that translate to massive savings. And while 2020 has brought about changes with how we work and play, you’ll love to hear that Black Friday sales have not been cancelled! 

This year, Black Friday is set on the 27th of November, so be sure to make a note of that on your calendar, as in recent years, Aussie retailers have been introducing Black Friday onto our shores, too. Experts have predicted that this year’s Black Friday sales will be even bigger and better compared to previous years, so it’s best to get ready.

From big Australian retailers such as Myer, Target, Kmart, and many more, as well as online retailers such as Amazon, Catch, eBay, and Kogan, to name a few, Australians are spoilt for choice this coming Black Friday season. But it’s important to know that Black Friday sales aren’t exclusive to just one day! A lot of retailers are actually releasing deals early, or even extending their sale period to the following week to make sure that Australians have lots of opportunities to find the perfect bargain for their much sought-after products. Plus, because it’s not just limited to Australian retailers, it’s the perfect time to get US products for much cheaper, especially with online retailers that provide reasonable international shipping costs. 

It’s not just Black Friday that’s coming around the corner; we’ve also got Cyber Monday on the 30th of November to look forward to! This sale is mostly geared towards online-only deals, extending great deals on products from tech, homewares, clothing, toys, and much more for much longer, giving you plenty of time to grab a bargain in this time period. 

Seeing as Black Friday pretty much signals the beginning of the Christmas shopping period, it’s a great time to start looking for presents for your friends and family at a much lower cost. What’s more, with Australia’s increasing usage of postal services and shipping companies, it’s a great strategy to consider getting your Christmas presents shopping done early to make sure everything arrives in time for Christmas.


Black Friday 2020 Predictions and Rumors

When it comes to finding the perfect bargain, it helps to do some research and have some luck with timing, too. With deals such as these, it only makes sense that discounts are only valid until supplies last, meaning that you need to be prepared to buy especially when the flash sales arrive. You can also look through early-bird Black Friday deals, which are discounts that retailers put up to not only start the sales periods early, but to drum up more anticipation for the actual day of deals. But if you’re curious to know what to expect for Black Friday 2020, here’s what experts predict for this year.

If you’re after gaming consoles, we’re expecting to see massive markdowns on previous generation Xbox Ones and PS4s on account of the launch of Xbox Series X and the PS5 this year. If you’ve had your heart set on buying a PS4 Pro, for example, you’re sure to find a good deal during the Black Friday sales!

After some mobile tech? We’ll most likely be seeing big bargains on Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones, previous generation Apple iPhones, and many other android OS phones. It might be the best time to upgrade your current phone! If you’re wanting a little bit of extra cash to spoil yourself with a new smartphone, an online cash loan might just be what you need for that extra boost!

Looking for other deals? Below, we’ve got some insider info for some big retailers!


In-Store Deals

If you have the opportunity to come into a brick-and-mortar store, you’ll love to find big discounts from the heavy hitters, such as The Good Guys, Big W, JB Hi-FI, and many more. These stores give you the chance to see what you’re buying before you purchase it, which is a good idea especially if you’re trying to buy items such as clothing or homewares, or products that you don’t want to wait to be shipped to you to enjoy.


Catch Black Friday deals

Last year Aussies got massive deals on Dyson vacuums, smart home devices, and lots of big brand clothing and footwear from Catch, so we’re expecting to see bigger and better deals for these items for 2020!


Lifehacker Coupons

This lifestyle site displays a coupon page that helps its audience get some good bargains year round; and on Black Friday they pull out all the stops to create a Black Friday sales portal that links you to the best deals online with no fuss! If you’re wanting an easier way of finding bargains and don’t want to have to spend time looking through retailers’ sites to find the perfect deal, use this site to help speed up your bargain hunting!


Amazon Black Friday deals

Amazon has taken Australia by storm, with quick shipping times and a wide range of products on offer. In the US, Amazon Black Friday sales are record-breaking, and we’re expecting to see various deals from a wide range of departments, such as health and beauty, electronics, home improvement, and even clothing and accessories from both local and big international brands. 


eBay Black Friday deals

With eBay’s major partners gearing up for massive Black Friday deals, you won’t be disappointed to find great bargains for electronics like big-brand TVs, as well as gaming and toy products and clothing and footwear.

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