Autumn offer hunting – How to hunt for discounted clothing

Autumn offer hunting – How to hunt for discounted clothing

Shopping during "discount periods” is a whole lotta fun. People usually have a certain budget in mind when going on a clothes shopping spree. It’s a great feeling when you end up getting a lot more than you expected. Still, discounts don’t have to be a random feat that merely happens to you when least expected.

Clothing stores aim to maintain full stock, so that people have more options. Still, they frequently have to replace products because others are coming in. Those that are selling less than expected must be given at a discounted price so as to make room for new goodies.  That’s the perfect moment to “strike”.


But wait.. when exactly is the perfect moment?

Most clothing stores keep items for around six to eight weeks before replacing them. With the flow of products being at such a rapid pace, it’s necessary to move on from older products. Also, if a certain product stays for more than 6 to 8 weeks, there shouldn’t be more than a few products remaining. And if it’s not available in every size, it’s certainly time to replace it.


Which day?

It’s common knowledge that weekends are the busiest periods for clothing stores. Thus, preparations begin on Thursday, which is when products are also marked on sale. Of course, that’s not to say that Friday and Saturday aren’t great for finding offers. It’s just that you might not find the best ones, which may be sold on Thursday. There may be enough “wise buyers” that you might end up with the least attractive clothing to choose from.


What if they don’t have my size?

I was once put in the situation of finding a really awesome T-shirt on sale that was just a bit too large for me. I could have abandoned my search, but I decided to ask the staff if the product was still available somewhere else. They had another shop that was close by, and I got lucky. I had found the size that I was looking for.

Bottom line is: don’t just quit if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Enquire further.


What if I’m buying clothes online?

Obviously, buying clothes online doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll feel good wearing them. Just read the fine print before checking out. Make sure that the store offers a return policy for the selected product. Here in Australia, as we are the opposite season to Europe, this time of year is often great for finding winter clothing bargains that are now on sale in the northern hemisphere! Same is true towards the end of the year in preperation for summer. 


What can I buy this Autumn?

The end of February is a great time to buy summer apparel on sale.The weather is still warm and you might find some last minute bargains that are still good to wear for the next couple of months! March is a great month to buy running shoes from brands such as New Balance or Nike. 


Wrapping it up

Autumn can be a great time to stock up on your summer wardrobe at a fraction of the price! Still, if you’re patient and willling to look online you can also grab some great bargains from Europe that will serve you well right through Winter.

You don’t need lots of money to be dressed in a fashionable way. You just have to pay attention with your shopping, and (many) good things (clothes) will follow.