5 ways to empower women this Women’s Day

5 ways to empower women this Women’s Day

I have a question for you. What do you think Women’s Day is for? Is it about giving flowers, taking your beloved to a hip restaurant or going on a romantic trip abroad?

Of course, these are all awesome things to do, but you needn’t wait a year to treat her like that. You can do it anytime both of you want.


But first of all, what is woman empowerment?


Well, women feel empowered when they:

  • Receive a proper education
  • Have the same rights as men (the right to speak up and be heard, first of all)
  • Don’t get discriminated in terms of income
  • Don’t suffer from domestic violence
  • Feel safe when walking the streets at night


As you can see, woman empowerment is a lot more than a simple flower offered. While humanity has made great progresses in recent years in reducing inequality, there’s still a long way to go, especially in countries from Asia and Africa.

Here are several ways that you can contribute to the empowerment of women. Remember that even one small gesture can mean the world for someone:


1. Clean water in exchange for education

Clean water is a scarce resource for many girls that live in poor communities. Millions of girls have to skip school to walk an average of 6 kilometers to stack up on clean water. Your donation can help reduce the time spent on water and help them stay in school.


2. Give a helping hand to brave women

Domestic abuse, trafficking, child marriage and other perils are a reality for millions of women, both young and old. Your contribution can help protect them by funding education, counseling, medical care, small business loans, equipment and other means that help in overcoming difficult phases in life.


3. Provide microloans to ambitious female entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial path is the best choice that a woman can make to be truly empowered and independent. This service helps ambitious and conscientious female entrepreneurs connect with giving people who want to lend a helping hand in accomplishing their goals.


4. It’s Mother’s Day, as well…

The first weeks of motherhood are critical for a newborn’s life. You can actively participate in local charities and help with essential things like diapers, blankets, soap and just about anything that will help the mother raise her child. Some charities include lists of things that single moms need for their child or children. There are always mothers in need around the world. Finding them is a mere Google search away.


5. Let the women in your life know that you care

More than often, a small gesture can go a long way for someone’s happiness. Think of the women in your life and how they’ve positively influenced you.

Why not take the time and show your appreciation? It’s so easy to send a message to a teacher who has supported you when you were little. Let your mother, sister or daughter know how much you appreciate them.


Can you think of other ways in which you can empower women this Autumn? Let us know in the comments below.