5 Back-To-School Study Tips To Help You Focus

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Spring is well and truly here, which means it´s time we put on that favourite pair of shorts, dust off our singlets and dig out those thongs. Spring is great, it’s still cool but there’s enough sunshine to remind us that winter is over, everything's so green and on the warner days, it's beach time!.

Spring also means back-to-school. So, how are your studies going? Have you been able to stay focused, or is your brain still in holiday or travelling mode?

Here are five tips to help you or your kid's focus and study more productively


Get Into The Zone

One of the best aids to help you get into the “study zone” is music. You can find dozens of great study playlists on YouTube and Spotify which vary in style, tempo, and mood, all designed to help you concentrate. Simple search “study music” and see what works best for you.

Instrumental film scores, movie soundtracks, new-age music, classical music, and ambient music tend to work best for studying. We recommend avoiding “party anthems”, Top 40, and most vocal-driven music as lyrical content can cause our attention to stray.

Listening to “white noise” – a consistent, electronically produced drone or other “wall of sound” such as the sound of rain – is another excellent sound source which can assist in “blocking out” distractions.


Set The Stage

It's all about choice, so choose to lay a great foundation for learning by “Setting the stage”, going through a process of pre-study “rituals" can be a helpful way to "shift gears" and send a message to your brain that you´re about to study.

Setting the stage can involve making sure your workplace is neat and tidy and you have all study materials you need. It can also mean ensuring you have the right lighting, which for some might mean opening the blinds to let sunlight in, for others, it may mean closing the blinds and lighting some candles.

Be sure to also have your snacks, water, and tea or coffee within easy reach. Lastly, burning some incense or essentials oils can be another powerful aid to mentally prepare for studying.

Alternatively, some people find being around others helps them focus. Some people find there are too many distractions at home and find it difficult to switch their home from “study hall” to “bedroom”. Therefore, studying at a café or library can be great where there are minimal distractions… and you won´t be tempted to procrastinate and tidy your surroundings!


Switch Off All Digital Distractions

That´s right. It´s time to log out of Facebook, switch off all notifications, alerts, and sounds on your phone including vibrate (anyway life's all about experiences right? So get off your phone!)

Eliminating all possible digital distractions minimises the chance of your attention being pulled in different directions and instead kick procrastination in the butt.

If you live with other people, let them know that you need privacy for ´x´ amount of hours while you are studying.


Listen To Your Internal Clock

It´s important to know when in the day you work best. Are you a morning person, or do you have the most of your energy in the evening?

What time do you sleep and wake? Listen to your body clock to decide when the best time to study is for you.


Adopt A Learning Mindset

Last but certainly not least, it´s vital that as you prepare to study, you go in with a learning mindset. This means no negative self-talk allowed.

It´s perfectly OK to find a particular module or area challenging - it´s part of learning and developing. Put your attention on recognising and appreciating your development instead of striving perfectionism and self-criticism. Remember, you´re here to learn. After all, if you already knew everything, you wouldn´t be at school studying. So, cut yourself some slack. Be patient and understand that you are making progress whether it is in big or small steps.

Good luck! And if you need any help getting back on track after your summer holidays or with your back-to-school expenses, visit Ferratum – we´d be happy to help!