Minimizing Stress Over the Long Weekend

After a long hectic week at work it’s finally time to kick back and have some time for yourself this long weekend!

Or is it?  Somehow roped yourself into one last BBQ before it gets too cold or your other half has decided it’s time to get cracking on some long awaited home fix-it jobs?

We know a long weekend can be just as crazy as work!  Don’t let the blood pressure reach boiling point.  Here are some of our favourite ways to reduce stress.


It’s a cliché for a reason.  It works!  Deep breaths in and out help to release tension while increasing oxygen to the brain and improving circulation.

Can’t get to sleep?  Try the 4-7-8 breathing technique – breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 7 and then breathe out for 8 seconds. 

Get Outdoors

A dose of fresh air will help fill the lungs and brain with oxygen, while a dose of sunshine increases Vitamin D.  Vitamin D has the added bonus of keeping bones healthy and immunity strong.

Why not walk the dog or hop on the bike?  Notice the garden looking a little lacklustre?   Perhaps pull out a few weeds or trim the lawn (plus possible brownie points with the other half!).

Focus on Getting Better Sleep

Poor sleeping patterns can affect memory and judgement, resulting in less patience and more agitation.  Increased stress levels can affect the quality of sleep so ensure you spend a little time ‘winding down’ before sleeping – read a book or listen to relaxing music.


Release those endorphins!  When engaging in exercise, the body releases those positivity inducing endorphins.  Completing a fitness class or beating a personal goal is brilliant for improving self-confidence, while stretching is great for improving posture.  

There are many different options - if you aren't loving a cardio heavy workout maybe do a weights session.  Or if your joints aren't what they used to be, yoga or pilates provide a gentle way to improve strength and flexibility.

Green Tea

We don’t like to advocate eating or drinking as anything other than fuel for your body.  But green tea is great for you – drinking green tea has been found to reduce stress levels, as well as improve cardiovascular health and are thought to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and certain cancers.  So put the kettle on and brew up!


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