Summer Holiday Activities for Kids

Remember the summer holidays when you were a kid? The school year was over and done with and you got to hang out with your friends every day. The weather was absolutely perfect and the days seemed endless. It seemed like an age until you started your new school year. Christmas was approaching and with it came the excitement and anticipation that only Christmas can bring, like which holiday themed film was going to be on the TV and what Christmas presents will you get.

If you are reading this, it probably means that nowadays you have your own children who are enjoying the same freedom you did during those perfect summer days. Depending on how old your kids are, you may have to come up with your own ways of keeping them occupied during the school holidays.

We have asked all the Ferratum team members who are parents to help us come up with some great ideas and money saving tips that not only entertain your kids but also encourage their learning and development. Some suggestions on this list are good for their fitness and health too. Our ideas are designed to help you save money and keep your budget in check as the Australian summer school holidays coincide with one of the most expensive times of the year – Christmas time!

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Please note that the summer holiday activities and money hacks in this post are designed for all parents – those of you who work full time or part time, those of you who are a stay at home parent and those of you who are in a single parent family. School holiday ideas are important for every type of parent!



Teaching your kids about the importance of giving to those less fortunate is a valuable life lesson. Discovering that you have a lot to be grateful for and making the initiative to help others are qualities that are important to have throughout your life. Encouraging your children to donate their old toys to children’s charities every year is a way of regularly reminding them of these important values everyone in our society should have.

By asking your children to clean out their old things and donate them to a charity, you are also teaching them to regularly de-clutter their living space. This is an exceptional skill to take with them throughout their adolescence and into adulthood.

New toys given to them as Christmas presents will be able to take up the space they have made in their bedrooms or playrooms, keeping your home tidy and organised.

Some years, if you are especially short on cash, you could also arrange a garage sale, where not only your children clear out their old things but you do too. This could add a little extra to your cash flow for Christmas and also gets rid of old and unwanted household items at the same time. The kids can add to their own money jar or piggy bank, and learn how to save money. You never know, it could also bring out the inner entrepreneur in your children and encourage more money raising ideas!



While the holidays undoubtedly belong to the kids and their unlimited happy days in the sun, you are also going to have a lot to do in addition to your usual daily tasks at this time of year. You are going to have to start preparing your family and your home for Christmas, especially if you are hosting this year.

On days when you really need to run around here, there and everywhere, it would be much easier if you didn’t have your children with you. Planning ahead for when you know you have a busy day can help you stay focused and get as much out of your free time as possible.

Make arrangements with the parents of one of your child’s friends to have your child spend the day at their house. You can just as easily return the favour for the other parents too. Play dates are just as necessary when you actually don’t have anything to do and you just want to take a break. Sometimes, it pays to be a little money smart and ask a friend to look after the kids instead of paying for a day care service every day.



Getting back to basics with nature can be rewarding for both you and your children. Do a little research and find bushwalks, scenic parks and nature reserves in your city or town. If you have all day and feel like really making the most of your nature walk, drive out into the countryside or an area you don’t often visit. The good thing about this idea is that you don’t exactly have to be on the cash train to do this as experiencing nature is free! Your kids will love going somewhere they either haven’t been before or rarely see and will spend lots of time exploring new scenery.



This is another activity that you can also get a lot out of too! Painting is incredibly therapeutic and relaxing and it can help all of your family members unwind during the summer holidays.

If you don’t feel like channelling your inner Picasso then you can leave the kids to paint while you get on with your day. Kids can paint for hours on end so leave them with a stash of paper or blank canvases depending on what resources you have and enjoy your quiet time! Most $2 stores or discount outlets stock cheap paper and canvases - there is no need to splurge excessively on arts and crafts. Research where to shop so you can keep some money in the bank after your creative sessions these holidays.



A chore many of us despise as adult but for some reason, kids love digging in sand and spending time in the garden. Put their inquisitiveness and intrigue to good use and get them outside to help you with garden chores. Turn weeding into a competition and allow them to pick the family movie you will next watch or cook their favourite meal at dinner time if they fill a certain number of buckets or bags with weeds.

An especially rewarding idea for your children is to give them their own patch in the garden to use to grow whatever they wish. Let them grow their own vegetables or flowers and allow them to have the responsibility of managing their own little mini garden.

Choose vegetables and flowers that are easy to grow so they don’t have to wait too long to see their hard work pay off. Vegetables like carrots, spring onion, lettuce and tomatoes and flowers such as sunflowers and marigolds are ideal for your children to plant. Seeds for these suggested vegetables and flowers are inexpensive and readily available from every garden centre.

Allowing your children to garden has plenty of rewards. Spending time in the fresh air and sunshine is vital for the health and development of every child, as is the chance to learn responsibility and see the rewards of their own labour. They will also have plenty of fun spending hours in their own little garden.



With the rise and rise of technology, our kids are used to i-Pads and Kindles replacing traditional methods of learning like books. Utilising technology available to you is essential for your child’s understanding of how to progress through life and items like Kindles are great space saving purchases as they can each store hundreds of e-books. There is nothing however, like spending a day at the library discovery new stories as well as old family favourites. Your local library will also have activity days your children can get involved with. These are usually educational activities that they can also have fun with and meet new friends. The best bit? They are usually either free or will cost you next to nothing.



Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness was absolutely right. There are plenty of amusing ways to spend your time without spending a large amount of money. What we can get for free out of our own habitat is worth far more than money.

These holidays, take your children to the beach for a swim. If you don’t live near the beach you could go to your local community swimming pool.

Picking holiday activities that involve exercise is a great way to keep your kids fit and healthy while they have fun at the same time, plus you can also join in too.



Make your own outdoor art class for your children by taking them to the local park with sketch pads and pencils and encourage them to sketch the things they see. They will enjoy getting some fresh air while being challenged creatively. Bring a picnic hamper for lunch to eat while you all can check out everyone’s works of art.

Mix it up by repeating the activity at different locations like the beach, the bush, urban gardens set up in your CBD and other interesting places to see in your city or town.



Unless you’re really into your car, you probably hate washing it and the general upkeep that goes with it.

For some reason, kids love doing things that make them feel like an adult like household chores, cooking and washing cars.

Letting your children wash the car during the school holidays is a good way to give them some extra pocket money and also get another chore off of your to-do list.

We hope these suggestions for summer holiday activities are of use to you and your family these school holidays.


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