Cheap Christmas Present Ideas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year about spreading messages of peace and good will to all and for spending time with family. It is a time for reflection of the year that will soon be over, a time for thinking of those less fortunate than ourselves and a time to create more memories with our nearest and dearest.

But hey let’s face it, there is another exciting and slightly selfish part about Christmas that everyone enjoys and that’s the giving and receiving of presents!

Sometimes though, instead of enjoying this tradition, you can find yourself worrying about the financial side effects. Gift giving is expensive and sometimes it can be challenging to get enough cash together and buy all of your friends and family a Christmas present each.

To add to this already unnecessary stress, the list of people who you would like to give a gift and card to seems to magically increase each year, which doesn’t make things any easier for your finances.

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Another option that could work for you is to follow our team’s compilation of money saving tips for exchanging gifts during the festive season. Not only are these gift ideas kind to your bank account, they are also a lot of fun to make. Get your partners, kids, siblings or parents involved and you can have your own family production line making Christmas presents to deliver!



Small in price and large in sentiment, a framed photo can be the perfect gift for someone you love this Christmas. Try and find a long forgotten photo that you know will make the recipient laugh and feel great every time they look at it. There is no price on good memories.



Christmas themed wrapping paper is always so lovely to look at but it can easily eat up the majority of your spending money as you need so much of it. A great way to combat this is to get creative and paint or draw your own designs on butcher’s paper and use this to wrap your gifts.

Or, you can save both money AND time and get your kids to paint pictures on the butcher’s paper instead. This also keeps them occupied and more importantly, quiet. If you don’t have kids and like the idea of getting someone to inadvertently work for you, get your mates round for an impromptu art class and guaranteed laughs.



This is so easy to make and looks like you have put more thought into the gift than you actually have, which is always a bonus! The body scrub is perfect for getting dry winter skin prepped for summer and smells great too. You can use these gifts as stocking fillers or in your own home made Christmas hampers.



Baking is always a good idea no matter what the occasion is but there is something about Christmas baking that seems extra special. Maybe it’s involving the whole family in your culinary creations, maybe it’s playing Christmas carols while you bake or maybe it’s because you can eat the leftovers. Who knows! These Rudolf inspired cupcakes are a little bit fiddly but they taste amazing and are fun to decorate. They will certainly be appreciated by the lucky person who receives them as a gift!



Gingerbread is always a winner! Probably one of the most traditional Christmas delicacies around, gingerbread is guaranteed to go down a treat with whoever is fortunate enough to get this for Christmas. There’s a decent amount of ingredients here but the majority of it is stuff already found in most pantries. The decorating is the fun part where the kids can jump in and help out.



The trusty old chalkboard that you remember from school has made a comeback and can be found in every trendy homewares store. Get creative and make your own as a gift for a friend or family member this Christmas! The beauty of these is that they are so versatile and can be used in the kitchen as a menu board or ongoing grocery list, in the study or in the children’s play room.



Making your own soap requires a few relatively cheap purchases such as soap blocks and soap moulds. Once you have these though you’ll be able to save some money as you can make a bulk load of these soaps as gifts or use them as stocking fillers. This is another activity that the kids can get involved with too.



Definitely the most creative and ambitious gift idea we have included but it’s also the most impressive. This gift will take a fair amount of time but once it’s finished it will look like a work of art. Giving the DIY jewellery board to someone special on Christmas Day will certainly be a highlight of their holidays and will make you feel at the top of your craft game.



Know anyone who doesn’t love cookies? Didn’t think so. One of the easiest and most cost effective gifts on this list, a Christmas box of cookies is a great little money saving present to give during the festive season. Yet another project that is suitable for children to help out with, making the boxes is easy as they are made from old cling wrap and al-foil boxes. Feeling extra lazy? Chuck your favourite Arnott’s biscuits in the boxes your kids have just decorated and voila, cheap and easy gifts!



Possibly one of the oldest gift ideas ever, a mix tape or play list is an incredibly thoughtful gift to give to someone over the Christmas holidays and won’t cost you a cent. Give your partner a bunch of songs that remind you of your relationship together or give your oldest friend a list of favourite high school hits. The majority of us aren’t blessed with the ability to express ourselves through making music (or music that anyone would want to listen to!) so leave it to the experts!


Hopefully some of these ideas prove useful to you in the lead up to Christmas and you enjoy exploring your creative side. For information on Ferratum loans or to apply for a loan, please check out our website.


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