Cash Saving Tips for Christmas

The beginning of the Australian springtime is one of the most exciting times in this country.  You notice the dark and cold days of Winter disappearing and start to feel the sun on your skin instead.  Birds are singing, flowers are in bloom and you can always smell a neighbourhood barbeque that assures you summer is on its way.

You can also guarantee that while you are enjoying the beginning of spring and all it has to offer, you will see something in shopping centres Australia wide that will make you recoil in horror and wonder where your year has disappeared to - Christmas decorations.

They literally just appear out of nowhere and hit you as you enter a shop. You even hear people near you vocalise your feelings by saying, “Christmas decorations? Already?”

While the idea that yet another year has apparently disappeared faster than you realised is unnerving, the early arrival of the festive season can actually benefit you financially. Getting yourself organised early can help you save money during one of the most financially exhausting times of the year.



It sounds simple but you will be surprised at how much money you can save if you make a list of things you need with a maximum amount of how much you should spend.

Start making a list of everyone you want to buy a Christmas present for and what you would like to get them. Make sure you don’t go over your budget by allocating each gift an amount and sticking to it.

Planning your Christmas Day menu early can also help you stay within your budget. You’ll find you won’t end up purchasing extra food in a last minute, Christmas Eve dash to the shops.



If you can, leave the little ones at home while you go on a mission to buy the bulk of your Christmas shopping. Christmas is definitely a time for family but kids are likely to be distracted by the shopping mall Christmas displays that will inevitably have them asking you to buy everything they can see!



There are continuous social gatherings during the festive season which can be costly for your bank account. Ask guests to bring a plate with them for a few of these occasions, so that you aren’t continuously fronting the catering bill.



This won’t help you this year, but a great way to save money for the future is to buy Christmas decorations when they are on sale from Boxing Day through to January. You can find some amazing bargains and will have more time to relax next Christmas.



If you have a large family or group of friends you may be interested in organising a Secret Santa to save money on Christmas presents.


These money saving tips can help you prepare for a budget friendly Christmas and allow you to spend some quality time with your loved ones without having to worry about your finances.


If you find you could still do with some extra Christmas cash, you can apply for a short term cash loan with Ferratum Australia and see if you qualify. With a variety of flexible loan terms you can potentially have your loan paid off by the New Year.