Ferratum Partnership Grows with Ezidebit to Offer New Payment Options for Clients

Paying your cash loan back with Ferratum Australia is now even easier and faster than before!

Loan repayments can now be more conveniently paid back with help from Ezidebit offering further options for our customers. In addition to the current process in place, you now have the ability to repay your payday loan through BPAY, credit and debit card alternatives.

What Does this Mean for Me?

Thanks to our partnership with Ezidebit, these new payment options will offer more convenience and a highly beneficial range of choices. Loan repayments made through BPAY, credit or debit cards will ensure your funds clear instantly and get to us much faster.

What are the Benefits?

  • Easier and Faster Repayments: Paying your loan off easier with our new payment options ensure our customers get recognition for consistent, fast and up-to-date loan repayments – this is ideal for your credit history and will make future loans easier to obtain.
  • No Waiting Around: Having your funds clear instantly means you can pay on the day your cash loan repayment is due and be confident it will get to us straight away.
  • More Convenient: Now you can be even more assured our payment options have your busy lifestyles in mind and work with this to provide the best payment solutions.

Who are Ezidebit and What do they do?

Ezidebit have been helping businesses gain control of their cash flow since 1998 and enable efficient and real time payment process through direct debit, BPAY and ecommerce payment solutions.


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