Need a Cash Loan? Do Your Homework on the Lender First!

Everyone needs a little help sometimes and extra cash for unexpected emergencies can go a long way. Most times you need a cash loan, you need it fast, but shopping for the best lender takes time and research. Before submitting an application there are important factors that should be considered to save you from becoming a victim of a fraudulent lender. We look at some of the best tips to help take the pressure off.

The Fine Print:

Legitimate companies that have nothing to hide will always have their terms and conditions clearly stated on the loan application page. It’s vital you check these and read it thoroughly to help gain a clear understanding of the fees surrounding the loan, interest rates and charges to expect. Be wary of websites that don’t include any terms and conditions, or make it incredibly hard to find them out. 

Customer Service and Support Contact:

The importance of great customer service is growing every day and is a crucial element of maintaining an honest and upfront business. Most companies will provide consumers with multiple ways of getting hold of them leaving no room for error. Websites that don’t offer a team of customer support, or provide a contact number are best to stay away from.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions:

Picking up the phone and talking directly to someone leaves less room for misinterpretations and lack of understanding. Asking your potential lender questions is the best way to feel comfortable that you’re making the right decision for your situation and helps to gain a feel for the company and if they are someone you can trust. Don’t be afraid to ask what differentiates them from other lenders and what they can offer you in their services.


Customer feedback, testimonials and customer reviews are all good indicators of a legit lender. The internet world seems to be a place where people aren’t afraid to speak their mind and when you’re deciding on the right lender for you, this can work to your advantage.

Online Security

The security of transactions is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an online loan lender.  Make sure you check for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates – this ensures safe transmission of information between the web servers and browsers and are normally displayed in an obvious spot. The web address is another giveaway of the security levels and should contain https in the URL or display a lock icon on the browser window.

Website Design

The look of a website can help in determining the legitimacy of a company. If you stumbled upon a site that looked like something from the 1980’s, chances are you would probably stay well away from it. When you look at the company’s website, you should get a professional impression. Companies that spend the time and energy on their website to bring it up to speed with the times and offer accurate information and a good user experience tend to look a whole lot more trustworthy than those that don’t. 

Being Smart

There are thousands of scammers out there trying to take advantage of vulnerable and good people. Knowing that someone is in need of a fast cash loan is easy bait for a dishonest lender to draw you in with low interest rates or sweet deals. If a deal is too good to be true, then