10 Fun Ways To Celebrate Easter This Year With Your Immediate Family

10 ways to Celebrate Easter at home

For many Australian families, Easter marks an opportunity to get together, get away on a family holiday or road trip, reflect on what Easter means to them, and maybe indulge in eating - things like fish, hot cross buns and a few chocolate eggs. But this year, the Corona Virus keeps people worldwide, stuck at home. But that's not a bad news at all, at home we are safe and we can also have a lot of fun doing some of the activities we have prepared for you today. Keep reading :)

For the younger members of the family, Easter means a particular magical bunny turning up to hide eggs that they can race around to find on a Sunday morning egg hunt.

The good news is, with a little creative thinking, whether we are in the same house with our immediate family, or we can only connect for now over technology, there are lots of activities we can do to celebrate Easter, even if because of the Corona Virus we need to stay safe at home and not go outdoors.

Here's ten creative ways to celebrate, no matter the distance to your immediate family.

1. Nominate a Plate

Get your family together to cook each other's favourite dish and get your "nom nom" on.

You can involve people in the house, and family that you aren't able to see because of social distancing.

All you will need to do is nominate each other to attempt to cook someone else's favourite dish for dinner. You could even get together on an app like house party or zoom to reveal who needs to make which meal the day before.

Next, make a time to get together and eat, and see how well each dish turns out.

Playing along means that the foodies in the family may end up having to eat baked beans on toast (if that is their nominated dish - they won't be able to help but glam them up), while the noodle fans might have to try their hand at something that needs a little more effort than just adding water.

If you'd rather something a little more low key, the next option might be up your alley.

2. Organise an uber eats surprise for each other

Sharing food is a big way families connect and share stories, so if getting creative in the kitchen brings out the cold sweats, consider setting a dinner time, a budget, and organise a surprise to share with each other courtesy of Uber Eats.

With plenty of local options available, this is a great way to be kind to each other, and support local food businesses who are feeling the impacts of COVID this Easter.

These little take away treats we would normally take for granted hold a lot more meaning right now.

3. Create "make it, bake it, sew it, grow it" gifts.

If you are a family who loves a little crafting and creativity, you can celebrate Easter by choosing one or all of the activities to make your own gift. Think about whether you can drop at the door of a neighbor or a family member who you would normally see.

Whether it's a plant you have repotted, a batch of homemade brownies, a little knitted Easter Bunny or a handmade card, a little Easter activity will help keep you mentally busy, plus doing something good for another person will help you to feel good, too.

4. Help the kids upcycle a hat for an Easter bonnet parade

If you have younger children, they may be missing one of those Easter school traditions of participating in an Easter Bonnet Parade. Good news is, you can do this as a family with what you can find at home, and wear them at breakfast, or on your Easter egg hunt around the house.

If you don't have a craft box, get creative with items that would be destined for the recycle bin. Materials like aluminium foil, egg cartons, cereal boxes, plus a bit of sticky tape and some colouring pencils can all help kids to be creative.

Take it step further to help them celebrate and share their creations online with their cousins, grandparents and friends with a video chat or social media share.

5. Be a Happy Yeaster

Whether you love a traditional hot cross bun complete with sultanas, spices and glaze, or you prefer the chocolate variety, get the family together to make your very own hot cross buns to enjoy over the Easter long weekend. simple google and you are away.

If you have a bake fail, don't worry. It's about laughing together and trying new things. You are creating memories that matter.

6. Make an Easter Flower Centrepiece together

For those who are not into all the chocolate and carbs, but still want to do something together to celebrate, flowers are the perfect way to brighten a room and lift your spirits. Traditional Easter flowers include tulips, daffodils and lilies, however you can always break tradition and use flowers from your garden.

What's great is you can order flowers online to be delivered, or you can always look for an online course to help you if this is something new.

7. Capture the Candid on Camera

This is a very unique time for all of us, and one that is worth capturing. Whether you have a camera that has been gathering dust, or you want to organise a photographer to do a socially distanced photo shoot of your family out the front of your own home, documenting this time in our lives is a great way to look back and remember what we were doing, and how we chose to celebrate Easter.

Whether you are DIY'ing or decide to organise a photographer, there are great ways to order prints online so you can decorate your family wall with your happy faces.

8. Get the kids to teach you a tiktok dance

Easter is about having fun. If your kids will allow, and don't think you are too embarrassing to be on their tiktok accounts, try your hand at learning one of their dance moves as a family. Little bit daggy, but loads of fun, and if anything, it will give the kids a good laugh at "Dad dance moves".

9. Camp out at home

If camping was part of your normal Easter family routine, you can still do that - just do it at home. Whether you need to create a super cool fort around the couch with sleeping bags, or you have a backyard to set your tent up, give your Easter traditions a twist. You can still toast a marshmallow, make hot chocolate, and get ready for the Egg Hunt on Sunday morning, which brings us to the last one.

10. Take the Egg Hunt to the next level.

Create some clues for the kids to follow around the house, and out into the garden to take the Easter Egg hunt to the next level.

If you have older and younger children, get them to work together to find what the Easter Bunny has left behind, ending with the jackpot egg at the end.

If a family member is missing being there because of social distancing, get them involved by making them to read each clue out and watch the antics on video so they can still be there in spirit.

Ferratum wishes you a Happy Easter - one where you stay safe, enjoy creativity, make memories, and remember that it's a time to celebrate what is possible with those we cherish.