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We aim to be Australia’s best mobile lender.


‘More Than Money To Everyone’ 

Our mission is to provide Australian’s access to fast and easy cash through a purely online process. We aim to offer every customer the best local customer service 24/7. We are one of the only mobile lenders in Australia that has a fully 24/7 operation. We can only achieve this through hassle-free products, fast loan approvals and providing safe and secure transactions to our customers in real-time. 
The vision of Jorma Jokela, CEO and founder of the Ferratum Group, is simple: “We are driven by our passion for innovation and we have an ambitious growth strategy - our aim is to be the leading global microloan company by 2014. We believe that our products and services can benefit many customers in many countries”.

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Today, the Ferratum Group has already established a growing base of loyal customers, thanks to the convenient services offered, as well as the company's reputation of outstanding professional and ethical behaviour.
We want to be seen as more than just a payday loan company. Instead, we want our customers to know that when you deal with Ferratum, you will enjoy the benefit of the easiest cash loan applications, fastest and friendliest service, and the highest confidentiality in the market. 
Whether you or someone you know needs fast cash for car repair, long-desired home renovations, a much-needed vacation, school expenses, or any other reason, look no further than Ferratum. We pride ourselves on our ease of application, quick response times, and a variety of loans and products that are guaranteed to meet your needs.

Ferratum Australia

Ferratum Australia currently provide consumers with small and simple loans ranging from $100 to $1,900 over terms from 30 days. These loans are easy for customers to understand and are often provided to customers who have been neglected by mainstream lenders such as big banks. 
In Australia the name “Ferratum” adds to the unique nature of the company and is a great reminder of the northern European heritage and roots. It is a reminder that Ferratum will stick to the Finnish values of hard work, customer service and respect. Ferratum in Australia is sometimes misspelt in some strange ways. Just some of the ways we have seen Ferratum misspelt include feratum, farretum, ferretum and even fereatuam just to name a few. Once a customer even called us fairyartum! It really doesn't matter what you'd like to call us because we know once you've tried us you'll call us the best. So, forget the others and just remember for all your small loan, quick finance needs you just need to remember Ferratum! 

So, now you know all there is to know about Ferratum why not try our simple process by applying with us now.


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