Where have you found your hero?

Where have you found your hero?

Life comes with its ups and downs. Wins and fails. Triumphs and tribulations. We’re in this life together and there are some special people that inspire us to wake up today and be the best we can be. These special people are all heroes in their own way – from social media influencers and celebrities, to family and friends. Heroes give us the gentle push that we need to keep moving forward in our lives.


Inspirational heroes on social media

A surprising place to find heroes is through hashtags. In today’s social media world, hashtags reflect a lot of what’s on our minds. Try searching Instagram with the hashtag #inspiration or #inspo. You’ll come up with tens of millions of posts. Naturally, not all these people or posts will inspire you to change your life. But don’t underestimate the power of #lifegoals or #motivation.

The people that stand out on these forums are often people just like us – but those that share their experiences and motivate us reach new goals, better ourselves or even to stay positive in the face of difficult times. Have you found your heroes online?


Heroic influencers – for better or worse?

The origin of the term “influencer” is from the marketing world. It originally was used to identify a person that has a wide following on social media – and, importantly – someone that people listen to. This could be someone that is a celebrity or even someone that has found their fame only online. Much like the word hero, it is used so often that it may have lost some of its meaning.

Let’s move away from the word and think of the meaning. Influencers speak to you. They tell you things that you want to hear and also things that you need to hear. Sometimes an influencer will convince you that your life will improve with a certain product or service. Other times, they will provide you motivation to be more like them or to reach for your goals

Although you may never meet these people in real life. They speak to you wherever you are. This is why a word of warning is good to hear about influencers: choose them wisely, because their words matter. No matter who is your hero, make sure that they are adding to your self-esteem and bringing value to your life.


Heroes amongst our family and friends

Sometimes our personal heroes are much closer to home, for example, a family member or a close friend. Who has supported, inspired or pushed you to be better? Maybe your mother or father come to mind, or that old friend that you have known since your school days.

Heroes are not just for children, though they are often quicker to admit that their parent or their friend is their personal hero. From awards acceptance speeches to the dinner table –

thanking those that have inspired you is a rewarding thing to do. This reward comes not just to the receiver, but also to the giver.

Has a special person come to mind? Would you like to reward your hero? Nominate them here for the chance to win a special reward for them.