Top 6 reasons to cycle to work

Top 6 reasons to cycle to work

Cycling or biking to work is growing in popularity. One reason is that people are becoming more and more conscious about their impact on the environment. Officials in towns and cities are helping this trend by providing more bike-friendly places and even rentable bicycles. With the sun shining and the weather warming, this is a great time to consider jumping on a bicycle.

Here are the top 6 reasons to cycle to work:


1. National and international cycling holidays

Cycling is becoming trendy. Many holidays have popped up to encourage people to ditch their car for their bicycle. In the USA, Bike to Work Day falls in May, taking advantage of the sun shining and energy levels rising. The UK has their own version in August, where Cycle to Work Day inspires commuters to think differently about their means of transport.

But it doesn’t end there. Some people take it further by celebrating Bike to Work Week, giving a bit more time to adjust to this heart- and eco-friendly mode of travel. Most people might think of cycling as a warm-weather activity, only suitable when the birds are singing. Others are ready to brave the chill and participate in International Winter Bike to Work Day in February. Whatever your preference, cycling to work is becoming a cool thing to do.


2. Bicycles are good for the environment

Pollution from cars is a serious problem plaguing the world. People are looking into other options such as ride-sharing and using public transport more often. While these are steps in the right direction, cycling to work is emissions-free and easy to do.

Depending on your needs, this a lot of gear that can help you tailor your ride. From mountable baskets, to child seats – a sporting store will hold a surprising number of items that can personalise your bicycle to make the ride effortless and convenient.


3. Cycling promotes physical fitness

Cycling is a great activity for getting in shape or staying in shape. Aerobic exercise is a proven ticket to better cardiovascular and overall health. What’s more, cycling is a great way to burn calories and you can choose the pace that suits you and still get many fitness benefits.

Studies have shown that cyclist commuters see a positive impact in their work life. Aside from the well-documented benefits of regular exercise, psychologically being active outdoors can help your concentration and energy levels in the long run. Many modern workplaces are responding to this fact by taking steps to cater more to work cyclists whenever possible.


4. Travelling by cycling is a fast way to get around

Cycling may be faster than a car to get to work, especially in urban environments. City grids and road construction are not always a car driver’s friend. Maybe you have to waste time

driving around to find a parking spot. Or the way the roads are set up means you have to circle halfway across town to get to your destination.

Because you are usually not the only one on the morning commute, traffic can back up and you may find yourself sitting impatiently behind many other drivers. Luckily for cyclists, it is much easier to get around traffic, construction and pedestrians without as much hassle.


5. Bicycles can be a great Plan B to cars

Plan B doesn’t always have to be the least favourite plan. Many people and households have changeable schedules. Maybe the primary car is being used for something else? Or your family schedules are slightly different, meaning that someone always has to go in a bit early to make sure everyone gets where they need to be.

Also, it’s more likely you will stick to a new habit if you stay realistic. Think back to your New Year’s Resolution. Was it too ambitious? Too general? Having your bicycle as your secondary or even tertiary form of transportation can be a do-able option. Even if you manage to only bike to work on sunny days, a few times a month, you are still doing your part for your health and the environment.


6. Cycling saves money over time

Even if you don’t have a bicycle, the costs of cycling are dramatically lower than using a car. Firstly, the fuel is you – you don’t need to pay for petrol. Upkeeping and maintaining a car requires a constant flow of money, from insurance to technical problems, summer tyres, snow tyres, and the list goes on.

The good news about purchasing a bicycle is that the start-up costs are nearly all the costs you can expect. Certainly, if you are not a do-it-yourself person, you might need to take it in for small adjustments after years of heavy use. But the cost of this will not break the bank like a broken-down car.

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