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Up to $1900
  • Lower installments
  • Longer time to pay back
  • Flexible Loan Terms
  • Weekend Approvals!

Take longer to repay your small loan and get more money - the best of both worlds. Getting a larger cash loan has never been easier. Apply for a personal loan with us now!

40,000+ approved applications for this product every year!

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"Over 10,000 applications last month"


Super-Fast Approvals

Get your answer faster with Ferratum, our quick loan system is almost instant & automatic. When you apply for a cash loan you get a decision in only a few minutes. Apply to find out if you'll get approved for an small loan now. 


No Paper, No Meetings

Ferratum Australia's system is 100% online. It even works great on your mobile or tablet so you can apply for a cash loan or quick loan on the go. Give it a try to see how easy it is to apply for short term loans from your phone.  


24/7 Loan Applications

Get your cash fast and transferred as soon as possible once you finish applying for your cash loan. Depending on your bank, your fast loan funds could be paid out to you within an hour of applying for one of our online loans.   


What Happens If I Can't Repay My Online Loan?

If you are struggling to repay your cash loan or you think you are going to miss a payment it is vital you contact our collections team as soon as possible.

Defaulting on payments on an personal loan can result in late fees and dishonour fees. It may also negatively affect your credit score. Be sure to make contact with us and we will do our best to avoid this occuring.

Our collections team are always willing to arrange a payment plan for a personal loan that is fair for all parties. 

No Renewal Fees On Our Personal Loans

Our cash loans never automatically roll over and we do not offer refinancing of our cash loans, which means that there are no renewel fees for you.

If you do want a new short term loan then its easy enough, you can log-in to our website using your mobile and pin number and apply for a new quick loan.

The application process is super easy for existing customers and we should have you financed and ready to go in a few short minutes. 

Contact Us

Our friendly team are here to help you no matter what. Need a hand deciding on the best personal loan for you? Maybe you're having trouble making a payment on your personal loan? Contact us anytime, for assisstance.
1300 433 772
44 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA 6000


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