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Ferratum has recently introduced a fully automated online application process.


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- We then confirm your identity and income,


- Your loan will be funded as soon as possible!


The result of your application will be displayed on the website immediately after applying.


Better yet, whilst applying with Ferratum, You’ll never have to dig through those old bank statements again!

Our partners at Decision Logic work with over 3,000 banks internationally, meaning you’ll be able to securely upload any necessary documents without leaving our website - simple, right?


Once you have met our lending criteria, we will check your bank statement/s and fund your loan immediately!


Please be aware: If you re-apply multiple times for the same loan, this may delay your application.

We assure you that we are working our hardest to get cash to you as fast as possible!


So apply for a cash loan today with Ferratum Australia for Instant Decisions, Secure Transfers and Local Service.

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Terms & Conditions

Ferratum have done away with those pesky credit checks.

You can now apply to get some short term cash and actually be qualified on how you pay your bills now, not on how you paid them 3 years ago!
We will always look to find a reason to approve you rather than decline, and removing credit checks is just another step towards making your experience with us more convenient and enjoyable!

For more information on our credit check policy, please visit our FAQs page.


Payments are Easier with Ferratum

Did you know you can now make your loan repayments via Debit or Credit Card?

Making loan repayments has never been easier; 
Simply call our friendly collections team on 08 9358 5513, or
get in contact via Email at to finalise your remaining payments
Once you've repaid your loan fully, you'll be eligible to reapply for another loan immediately!


  • Money management apps like Mint and Wesabe are very popular in the United States but for years they've struggled with integration into the Australian market. The inability to link most banks has left a promising gap in the money management niche and thus far three big contenders stand out. 

    It's only a recent release but Pocketbook has been proving very popular right out of the gates. Its initial ap
    peal to many was that it could be used with every major high street bank which instantly put it ahead of much of the competition. Unlike many spending apps the ability to input transactions manually (for cash purchases for example) gives you a 

    greater degree of accuracy. The big winner has been the user interface which is intuitive, clean and generally fantastic to use. With all these factors going for it Pocketbook was certainly the fastest growing money management app for Australia in 2013.
    The developers of pocketbook are really quick to erase issues too, which should ensure continued usage throughout the Australian market. One large complaint last year came with PayPal transactions, every PayPal transaction would be marked with the same tag. So if you tagged your first PayPal transaction as being spent on clothes then every single purchase from then on came up as being spent on clothes. It only took a few weeks for developers to introduce an advanced option on transactions in order to reassign the category whenever you need, that's great product support right there. 
     This software is missing a budget feature though. It would be great to be able to set a budget and then monitor how well you're doing. It's not a bad app considering the price is a hefty zero dollars! 


    ANZ MoneyManager
    ANZ's money management is the perennial contender, it’s been on the market a few years now and already has a whopping 115,000 signed up members. That said, it hasn't changed all that much over the years and it lacks the intuitive feel that Pocketbook provides. Whilst the ANZ software will import multiple accounts and is largely automated, it lacks the ability to add transactions manually so anyone who has a large cash component to their finances is going to get a very skewed picture.
    One advantage of the ANZ software is that the calendar feature really is very good, it's easy to add upcoming pay days and expenses in order to project your finances into the immediate future. 

    This was released as a mobile app in 2013 by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and went on to win a government service award. The best feature of TrackmySpend is probably the budgeting tool, it's the only one of the three here that allows you to set a limit on your spending and identify concrete ways to meet that budget. It does that by ensuring you define a clear difference between spending on wants, and needs. It will force you to look at your daily coffee consumption for example and ask yourself some tough questions on whether this is a justified expenditure.

    Overall, Pocketbook will probably remain the fastest growing of the money management tools in Australia. It has the most features, the easiest user interface and because it's technically still in beta the developers are still hovering over it looking for constant feedback. We can expect the split payment and budgeting niggles to be solved this year if previous problems are anything to go by.



    ANZ Money Manager


  • Saving money can be a necessary task, but it can also be a daunting one. Saving money is a skill that is acquired, and it is not always easy. Money managing techniques can be learned, however. There are a few secrets that highly successful savers use to help them save money. By employing a few of these habits yourself, you can get on your way to becoming a more successful money saver too.

    1.     Make Saving Money a Habit
    Perhaps one of the most important secrets that successful savers employ is to get in the habit of saving money period. Just like fad dieting doesn’t work, neither does fad saving. In order for successful saving to occur, you must adopt saving as a lifestyle. Successful savers learn to incorporate savings into every aspect of their lives, taking the position that everything that they do is an opportunity to save. They become accustomed to always thinking twice before spending money in every aspect, even when it comes to turning on a light and using electricity.

    2.     Pay Your Future Self First
    According to CFED, successful savers pay for their future selves first. That way they know that they have something put back for the future. For instance, when they get their pay packets, the first thing that they do after paying their bills is to put back some money in their savings account before going on to eat or engaging in any other extracurricular activities. While spending $25 every week for a meal might not seem too bad, if that money had been invested in a savings account, it could add up to more than $1,000 saved for the year.

    3.     Practice Informed Decision Making
    Making informed decisions is something else that successful savers do. They don’t practice impulse buying. Rather, they conduct research and do comparison shopping before they buy. That way they ensure that they are getting the best deal and making the best investment for their money. Even after their initial investment they continue to comparison shop, making sure that they keep the best deal. For instance, successful savers frequently check new internet and electricity companies and switch if necessary to get better rates so that they can save more money.

    4.     Shop with Lists
    This is perhaps one of the most basic habits that successful savers have. They never shop without a list. No matter whether they are simply going to pick up a few grocery items or other household necessities, they always have a list in hand and stick to their lists. Smart savers not only make lists, but they stick to them. This goes for more than just short-term lists. Successful savers make long-term lists for things that they anticipate needing so that they are prepared for them when the time comes. For instance, if you know you’re going to need a new stove, put that on your long-term list, and then purchase it when you find a good deal on one. Successful savers also make discretionary budgets that allow them to occasionally purchase frivolous items, such as books, cappuccinos, toys or anything else that isn’t necessarily a necessity, but something that they might want to buy every now and then.

    5.     Anticipate Expenses
    Of course, all successful savers have a budget and anticipate what their monthly expenses are going to be. However, successful savers also anticipate the life spans of their appliances, when birthdays and holidays are going to be rolling around that they’re going to be expected to get gifts for and seasons items. For instance, electricity rates tend to fluctuate during the winter and summer ones when it cost more to heat and cool your home, respectively. Smart savers anticipate these events and prepare for them. They might purchase birthday presents and seasonal holiday items when they are on sale so that they have them when they need them, and they have saved money doing it rather than waiting until the last minute.

    6.     Make Adjustments
    Successful savers also realize that life happens. Things change, and sometimes adjustments have to be made. For instance, they might lose their jobs and have to get new ones, which might require them to adjust their long-term goals as well as their short-term saving habits. Alternatively, the vehicles that they used to commute to and from work might have a breakdown and require emergency repair service, or they might have to purchase a brand new vehicle. Regardless of what happens, successful savers keep their long-term goals in mind when setting their short-term ones and strive to meet them.

    7.     Have Solid Goals
    Successful savers have solid goals in mind. Outlining solid goals gives you something to work towards, but it is also important that you set short-term goals in addition to long-term ones. Short-term goals can serve as stepping stones along the way to long-term ones. Make sure that you set achievable short-term goals, such as paying off a credit card debt in five years and so on.
    By adopting these lifestyle habits, you can get on your way to becoming a successful saver as well. The key to saving is to be consistent and employ the same habits in your day-to-day life so that you can meet your long-term savings goals.

  • When is it time to stop fighting your finances yourself and seek the services of a financial counsellor? Many people wait to contact a financial counsellor until they hit rock bottom. However, there are a few early warning signs that you might need financial counselling services. If you seek counselling when you experience one or more of these signs, you'll fix your financial problems sooner and save a lot of money.

    1.      Paying bills with credit cards
    If you're currently paying your bills on credit, you have a financial problem that needs solving right away. One of the basic tenets of financial stability is earning enough money to pay all of your essential living expenses without resorting to credit cards. If you are swiping the plastic to pay for electric or gas, you need to get your financial situation sorted immediately.

    2.      Making only minimum payments on credit cards
    Yes, it is perfectly legal to only make the minimum payment on your credit cards. However, this is not a good financial strategy. Every time you pay only the minimum, your credit card charges heavy amounts of interest on all of your outstanding debts. That means your initial debt might double or triple before you finish paying it off. Check out this credit card debt calculator to find out exactly how much your minimum payments are costing you; then talk to a financial counsellor to figure out how to pay off those cards sooner.

    3.      Choosing between important expenses
    If you have to choose between paying the electric bill and buying groceries, you have a financial emergency. Take a look at the information at to learn more about how to get yourself out of the juggling expenses trap. Then, look for free or pro-rated financial counsellor options so you can get the help you need.

    4.      Finding it difficult to plan for the future
    If you feel like you are living from pay cheque to pay cheque and cannot plan for important expenses like starting a family or preparing for retirement, talking to a financial counsellor is a good way to work out a plan that will allow you to achieve your dreams.

    5.      Preparing for a period of unemployment
    If you don't expect to have a pay cheque for a while, it is a good idea to talk to a financial counsellor in advance. The counsellor will be able to help you plan ahead and manage your reduced income while avoiding debt and unnecessary expenses.

    6.      Experiencing a new, unexpected expense
    Sometimes, you can do everything right and still get blindsided by a financial disaster. Whether you have an auto breakdown, a tree crash into your roof, or a surprise medical expense, sometimes you have to figure out how to manage your finances without losing what you've worked so hard to earn. A financial counsellor will help you pull through and stay on track.

    7.      Finding yourself confused about where your money is going
    Do you feel like you have no idea where your pay cheque goes? Why you seem to have so little in the bank, despite your salary? Do you often wonder whether you have enough in your account to pay for your dinners out or drinks with friends? If you feel like you don't know where your money is going, or that your spending is hard to control, talk to a financial counsellor to learn about budgeting and other money management skills.

    5 Counselling Services in Australia
    MoneyHelp: This non-profit provides free financial counselling to Victorians.
    Commonwealth Financial Counselling: This is another free financial service, offered by the Australian Government's Financial Management Program.
    Anglicare Tasmania: This financial counselling service works with people living in Tasmania.
    The South Australian Financial Counsellors Association: SAFCA "promotes protection, fairness, and equity" for people needing financial counselling services in South Australia. 
    Rural Financial Counselling Service: This service specifically addresses the financial needs of farmers, fishermen, and other Australians running rural businesses. 
    In addition to these options, you can also use Financial Counselling Australia's interactive guide to find a financial counsellor in your area.
    If borrowing money from a payday loan agency, be sure they have strong responsible lending policies.

  • Paying your cash loan back with Ferratum Australia is now even easier and faster than before!
    Loan repayments can now be more conveniently paid back with help from Ezidebit offering further options for our customers. In addition to the current process in place, you now have the ability to repay your payday loan through BPAY, credit and debit card alternatives.

    What Does this Mean for Me?
    Thanks to our partnership with Ezidebit, these new payment options will offer more convenience and a highly beneficial range of choices. Loan repayments made through BPAY, credit or debit cards will ensure your funds clear instantly and get to us much faster.

    What are the Benefits?

    • Easier and Faster Repayments: Paying your loan off easier with our new payment options ensure our customers get recognition for consistent, fast and up-to-date loan repayments – this is ideal for your credit history and will make future loans easier to obtain.
    • No Waiting Around: Having your funds clear instantly means you can pay on the day your cash loan repayment is due and be confident it will get to us straight away.
    • More Convenient: Now you can be even more assured our payment options have your busy lifestyles in mind and work with this to provide the best payment solutions.

    Who are Ezidebit and What do they do?
    Ezidebit have been helping businesses gain control of their cash flow since 1998 and enable efficient and real time payment process through direct debit, BPAY and ecommerce payment solutions.

  • "Thank you so much for being very patient and understanding, particular mention of Jas. Keep it up!" 

    -Ms. Fono, WA

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    - Tom, NSW

  • Hi Anouska, Thank you soo much for assisting me with this you really helped me out of a bind I really appreciate it.  -R.I. from NSW

  • I would personally like to thank Anouska for her prompt and invaluable assistance recently. I have found my dealings with your company to be efficient fast and very professional. 

    -Sharon, SA

  • Hi to a great team.  I would like to commend your company on the prompt and efficient service I have received from you all. I just spoke to Sanjana (i hope i spelt it correctly) almost no more than an hour and a half ago to reapply for a loan with your great company, and i have the funds in my account already. Awesome! Congratulations to you all on your efforts and would highly recommend your company to anybody who requires your services. So thank you very much.   -Paula, NSW

  • I feel compelled to contact you and congratulate you and your staff on the professional and extremely friendly service I have been provided.  I personally dealt with a customer service representative called Laura even though it was a small problem she was so helpful and professional and cheerful I was actually delighted with the service. Not only did I receive a solution to my small loan requirement  it was dealt with fast and with little fuss.  With all the options for loans of this type I would strongly recommend you consider using the service provided by Ferratum. My experience with them has been nothing short of fantastic and this is rare in these times.  Ferratum should be your first choice! -Paul, WA

  • Thank you very much Laura was a gem and a life saver.
    -Jamie, Victoria

  • We are also very grateful that you assisted us at the time, as my family were stranded with mechanical problems on the car, and in the middle of nowhere..
    Without the loan you gave us we would have been in dire straits. Thank you all once again

  • I would like to commend your business on your professionalism. On any occasion that I have had to make contact with your business, you have always been very prompt with a response and your professionalism on every occasion is to be commended. There are many other companies and businesses around Australia that could take lessons from your business structure. You provide outstanding customer service.
    -Brenden, TAS

  • THANKS SO MUCH For all your help with getting the money I needed, for me And the staff on the phones Jaquie, Jas, Laura Sanjana and Rhiannon you worked really hard for me and helped me out heaps what a great team :)